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Check the presidential candidates agenda for this Friday (19/8)

This is the agenda of the 12 presidential candidates for this FridayCheck the presidential candidates agenda for this Friday (19/8)

Ciro Gomes (PDT): At 10 am, visit the old Cobrasma factory, where companies that produce railroad products in Osasco operate today. At 16:00, Hike in Tijuca. Concentration: Saens Peña Square. At 5:30 pm, the Ciro no Rio campaign committee opens at Rua Conde de Bonfim, 834, in Rio de Janeiro.

Eymael Constituent (DC):. At 11:30 am, at the headquarters of the Christian Democracy, a team of SBT journalism will receive an interview.

Felipe D’Avila (New): Recording the election program

Jair Bolsonaro (PL): No campaign agenda

Leo Pericles (UP): At 10 am he will give an interview for the newspaper Diário do ABC and at 6 pm he will participate in a debate at the University of São Paulo (USP).

Lula (EN): Recording of the electoral program in São Paulo.

Pablo Marcal (Pros): Schedule not yet announced

Roberto Jefferson (PTB): Schedule not yet announced

Simone Tebet (MDB): 10 am- Walk through the central region of Diadema (SP); at 11:15 am, stop at Livraria Sebo Fênix. At 12:30, lunch at the Fonte Leone Restaurant, in Santo André. At 1:30 pm, walk through the central region of Santo André; 2:30 pm, visit Social Solidarity Fund.

Sofia Manzano (PCB): At 3:30 pm, he participates in a press conference at the PCB headquarters in Rio de Janeiro. At 6:30 pm, he participates in a conversation in the space occupied by Manoel Congo.

Soraya Thronicke (Union): 1 pm – Presentation of the Government Plan to the governor of São Paulo, Rodrigo Garcia.

Vera (PSTU): At 4:20 pm, he participates in an interview on Rádio Cultura (Aracaju/SE).

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