“The President made a decision that we discussed and it is the one that corresponds”: Minister Urrejola addresses impasse with Israeli ambassador

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonia Urrejolaaddressed the impasse with the Israeli ambassador to Chile, Gil Artzyeliafter the President Gabriel Boric refused last week to receive his credentials. Regarding the President’s decision, Urrejola said that he discussed it with him and pointed out that “it is the corresponding decision.”

“The President made a decision that we talked about, and I think it is the right decision,” said the chancellor in conversation with The Mercury.

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When asked about Israel’s criticism of the decision (qualified as “extremely serious” and “unprecedented” by the Foreign Ministry of that country), Urrejola avoided commenting on it. “I will stay with what the (Israeli) ambassador himself said, that we have turned the page,” said the Secretary of State.

Along these lines, he reiterated that “we will be on Friday 30 (September) with the presentation of credentials.”

Likewise, Minister Urrejola pointed out that “there is a permanent relationship, both with the Jewish Community and with that of Palestine through the Government ministers.” She maintained that the Segpres minister, Ana Lya Uriarte“met with the Jewish Community and, previously, the minister (Giorgio)Jackson and I myself have met.”

“Here there is no discrimination against religion, groups of people or communities; they are all welcome,” said the Secretary of State.

the impasse

President Boric declined last Thursday to receive credentials from Israel’s ambassador to Chile. This, after the Israeli Army murdered a 17-year-old Palestinian boy the night before.

On Friday, the Government of Israel expressed its annoyance with the president’s decision. Through a statement on its social networks, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of that country described the decision of the head of state as “extremely serious” and “unprecedented.”

Days later, the Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs, Ximena Fuentescontacted the director general of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Alon Uphiz, to apologize for the impasse. The Israeli government appreciated the apologies.

Ushpiz told Fuentes that his country “welcomes the apology call, since it is indeed a serious incident, which could have caused serious damage to relations between Israel and Chile.”

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