Recipe warns of immediate withdrawal scam of IRPF refund

Taxpayer can consult the last batch of IR 2022 refund today

From 10 am today (23), the Federal Revenue releases the consultation of the fifth and last batch of refund this year. The lot also includes residual refunds from previous years.Taxpayer can consult the last batch of IR 2022 refund today

On the 30th, the Revenue will deposit R$ 1.9 billion for 1,220,501 taxpayers. Of this total, R$ 221,130,324.62 will be paid to those with legal priority, 5,201 of whom are elderly people over 80 years of age; 36,492 between 60 and 79 years old; 4,247 taxpayers with some physical or mental disability or serious illness and 15,378 whose main source of income is teaching.

The remainder of the lot will be allocated to 1,159,183 non-priority taxpayers who submitted returns from previous years.

Inquiries can be made at Recipe page Federal on the internet. The taxpayer simply clicks on the “My Income Tax” field and then “Consult Restitution”. The consultation can also be made on the Meu Imposto de Renda app, available for smartphones on Android and iOS systems.

As this is the last regular batch of the year, anyone who is not on the refund list has fallen out of favor. In this case, it is necessary to enter the Federal Revenue Service Virtual Center (e-CAC) and check the pending issues. Then, the taxpayer must send a rectifying statement and wait for the next residual batches, intended for those who resolved the situation with the Tax Authorities.


Initially scheduled to end on April 29, the deadline for submitting the Individual Income Tax Declaration was postponed to May 31 to reduce the effects of the covid-19 pandemic that could harm the submission, such as delay in obtaining proof. Despite the postponement, the original refund schedule was maintained, with five lots to be paid between May and September, always on the last business day of each month.

The refund will be deposited in the bank account informed in the Income Tax Return. If, for some reason, the credit is not made, as in the case of a deactivated account, the amounts will be available for redemption for up to one year at Banco do Brasil.

In this case, the citizen can simply and quickly reschedule the credit of the amounts through the BB Portal or by calling the BB Relationship Center through the telephone numbers 4004-0001 (capitals), 0800-729-0001 (other locations) and 0800- 729-0088 (special telephone exclusively for the hearing impaired).

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