The President expressed solidarity with social organizations for raids on their headquarters

The President expressed solidarity with social organizations for raids on their headquarters

(Photo: Presidency).

President Alberto Fernandez He expressed solidarity this Wednesday with leaders of different social movements for various raids that the justice system carried out in different headquarters of these organizations in the country.

The meeting was held at Casa Rosada and was attended by Esteban “Gringo” Castro (UTEP), Ángel Adolfo Borello (Los Pibes Social and Political Organization), Cristián Javier Romo, Alejandro Garfagnini (Frente Milagro Sala), Beatriz Fleischman, María Mireyra Esteves, Norma Morales (Somos-Barrios de Pie), Laura Pugliese, Alejandro Abregú, Luciano Álvarez and Juan Carlos Alderete (Corriente Clasista y Combativa-CCC), belonging to social organizations such as Evita Movement, Classist and Combative Current, Standing Neighborhoods and Túpac Amaruamong others.

After the meeting, Castro told the accredited journalists at the Government House that the call was requested by the popular movements “because of the raids suffered by the compañeros and compañeras in JujuyCity of Buenos Aires, province of Buenos Aires and different provinces, almost at the same time”.

“We put to the President the major concern we have, because we feel very alone in this situation,” he said, noting that Fernández’s response “was one of unconditional support for popular movements.”

In this sense, the president is going to receive the raided leaders, who “They are among the poorest in Argentinaa, those who have put their houses many times to have a snack or to feed an entire neighborhood in a popular kitchen,” defined the general secretary of the Union of Workers of the Popular Economy.

Along the same lines, the national deputy Alderete stressed that “the meeting was requested because the organizations that have been attacked from justice with very armed causes we felt alone without the necessary political support”.

Photo Presidency
(Photo: Presidency).

“You can’t describe the way the comrades who are in charge of dining rooms and picnic areas have been humiliated, the poorest of the poor. I don’t know what they were looking for, they have broken into a dining room in San Martín. What we have lived through is humiliating,” he said.

In addition, he pointed out that “it is not a coincidence that they have raided different organizations” at the same time and in different parts of the country, such as “Jujuy, La Matanza, Federal Capital, Chubut, La Pampa, Santa Fe.”

Meanwhile, Castro said that the head of state “claimed the work they did during the pandemic, which he had already done at that time,” and “said he was against the criminalization of popular movements,” in addition to showing “his concern about the detention of comrade Milagro Sala”.

“We believe that it is justice, at least in the case of Jujuy, dependent on the governor (Gerardo Morales)because he also expressed it clearly,” Castro considered, and pointed out that “in the case of the CCC, she is a judge who is closely linked to (the late judge Claudio) Bonadío, and we all know how that justice sector operates.”

The social leader said that other issues were discussed with the President, such as “a proposal, for example, to build houses with our cooperatives and mutuals, which can take care of that”, although he clarified that “it was not deepened” today.

“Today we came to talk about this case, that someone from politics shows solidarity with us; the President of the Nation was in solidarity” and they hope “that this will be the springboard” for “the rest of politics” to do so, “he added.

“We always raise concern,” Castro explained about the current social situation, and in the case of the Universal Basic Salary it was not analyzed today “as a central issue,” but that “is one of the proposals that the Tierra Techo bill has and Work, as well as (the creation) of the Ministry of the Popular Economy, a number of proposals that we are going to continue fighting, because that is the agenda of the popular movements”.

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