The President announced works for La Pampa for more than 21,000 million pesos

The President announced works for La Pampa for more than 21,000 million pesos

The governor of La Pampa, Sergio Zoliotto, received Alberto Fernández at the airport (Photo: Presidency).

President Alberto Fernández, who led this Tuesday in the Pampas city of General Pico a new meeting of the Federal Cabinetwithin the framework of the Alternate Capitals project, signed a series of agreements and announced works for a total investment of 21,195,765,173 pesos.

Fernández was accompanied by the pampas governor, Sergio Ziliotto; the chief of staff, John Manzur; the interior ministers, Edward of Peterand Public Works, Gabriel Katopodisand the Minister of Women, Gender and Diversity, Elizabeth Gomez Alcortaand the mayor of General Pico, Fernando Alonso.

The Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity will carry out a total investment of 152,573,484 pesos which will guarantee the development of works for the construction and operation of the La Pampa Territorial Center for Gender and Diversity Policies, in Santa Rosa, where prevention, assistance and protection policies will be carried out in access to rights for women and LGBTI+.

Also for the strengthening of territorial mechanisms in Peak General for the protection of people in contexts of gender-based violence, by financing projects for the renovation, equipment and expansion of homes, shelters and halfway houses.

Fernndez was accompanied by Ziliotto Manzur De Pedro Katopodis and Gmez Alcorta Photo Presidency
Fernández was accompanied by Ziliotto, Manzur, De Pedro, Katopodis and Gómez Alcorta (Photo: Presidency).

And for the creation of specialized areas for technical assistance, the transfer of resources and the development of training for the municipalities of Santa Rosa, Telén, General Pico, Ingeniero Luiggi, Duval, Toay, Falucho, General San Martín, Rancul and Rolón, under the Generate program.

The Ministry of Public Works will allocate 20,448,900,000 pesos for the development of construction works for two new cisterns, an elevated tank and a sewage pumping station in General Picowhich will benefit the inhabitants of the northern and southern areas of that locality, and for the completion of works on the General Pico North and South Urban Solid Waste Transfer Center, within the framework of the Argentina Hace Plan, which will benefit 15,000 population.

Also for the construction of the Santa Rosa-General Pico Aqueduct, which will benefit 158 ​​thousand inhabitants; for the financing of two secondary vocational education technical schools in Santa Rosa and General Pico; and for the construction of the first stage of the rainwater drainage retrofitting work in the western area of ​​General Pico, which will benefit 15,000 inhabitants.

The Ministry of the Interior will invest a total of 594,291,689 pesos to strengthen and promote management, through the Standing Municipalities program, of 27 local governments regarding the acquisition of equipment and supplies; improvement of infrastructure and services; expansion and maintenance of sewage and storm drains; assembly of various projects; and to guarantee contributions from the National Treasury for the province for 286 million pesos.

During the visit to the province, the President also inaugurated the South Zone Transfer Center, a new space for the collection and temporary disposal of waste that will benefit more than 30,000 residents, and was executed by the municipality and financed by the Ministry of Public Works through the National Plan Argentina Hace II with an investment of almost 21 million pesos.

For its start-up, two self-loading dump trucks were also acquired, through an investment of more than 21 million pesos from the Federal Standing Municipalities Program.

The president also toured the ACA Pentasilo factory, an association of cooperatives that produces and markets between 50 and 55 thousand silobags and polyethylene films for agriculture and industry per year, which represents a transformation of more than 6,000 tons of polyethylene.

ACA Pentasilo is made up of 140 cooperatives that brings together 50,000 small producers with a presence in 11 provinces and daily markets an average of 100,000 tons of grain (more than 24 million tons per year).

Ziliotto thanked Fernández for “respecting the word pledged”

The governor of La Pampa, Sergio Ziliotto, thanked President Alberto Fernández on Tuesday for fulfilling the promises he made during the 2019 campaign, and highlighted that attitude by pointing out that “today, at a time when politics is bastardized and everything the bad thing is politics, we have here a clear example and it is nothing more and nothing less than respect for the word pledged”.

“I sincerely want to say thanks to our President of the Nation, not only because for the first time in the history of the province of La Pampa a president comes three times to tour it, to chat with the people, to see the productive activity, learn about the problems in order to make the best decisions,” Ziliotto said when speaking at the Cabinet meeting in one of the “Alternative Capitals,” the Pampas city of General Pico.

In this sense, he especially recalled the commitment signed in Rosario by Fernández on August 7, 2019, prior to the closing of the PASO campaign, with 12 provincial leaders, plus three elected governors and several candidates that established five specific points of an “agenda Development” for each jurisdiction to be implemented as of December 10, 2019.

In the case of La Pampa, they have already been fulfilled, assured Ziliotto, and highlighted what Fernández proposed at the time, that his management would be for “a country governed by a president and 24 governors.”

When mentioning the points of the agreement with La Pampa, the first was “to recognize the historical debt that the national government had with the province, which was paid”; build houses, an item “where we already have quotas for houses for 4,000 units”, while the previous national government gave “(Carlos) Verna 63 houses in 4 years to build”.

In terms of routes, he said that “today we have contracts in execution for pavements with national funds for 12,200 million pesos, it was a promise and today it is a reality”; as well as “today we have many urban sanitation works for 3,700 million for Santa Rosa, which is in a health emergency.”

Ziliotto placed special emphasis on the national financing of the Río Colorado-General Pico aqueduct, for almost 17,000 million pesos, “which will travel 405 kilometers, and since drinking water is a scarce element, we give importance to this natural resource because we know how that it costs us to achieve it, and we demonstrate efficiency not only in production but also in what human consumption does”.

He specified that “the other great challenge, in addition to federalism, was to create work, and despite everything that happened to us, we have achieved it, in the face of unpayable debt, Covid, the global war that affects us. However, 13 months that private employment grows in Argentina, and in La Pampa the unemployment rate is the lowest in the last 5 years”.

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