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The presenter Milena López damaged Christmas: they broke into her house, tied her up with her husband and robbed them

Amarga Navidad para Milena López y su esposo, hombres armados entraron a su casa, los amarraron y robaron sus cosas

Through a statement, the presenter Milena López recounted the horror she experienced with her husband and her father-in-law after stripping them of their belongings.

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“A bitter Christmas,” is how the renowned presenter Milena López described the horror she experienced in her own home, after armed men entered and stole her belongings.

Through her social networks, López told how the events occurred, when she was with her husband and other relatives.

“Last night we lived the worst night of our lives. Yesterday at 7:30 pm we were in our room watching television, Rambo barked and suddenly three hooded men with knives entered. They tied us up and robbed us, ”he said verbatim

She commented that several belongings of her and her husband were taken.

This is the statement issued by the presenter.

“Our savings, our rings, the computer among other things. When my father-in-law came out, he saw them escaping and they threatened him with a gun,” says the first part of the release.

The presenter also reported that fortunately, all those affected, besides her, are fine, thanking life that her mother was not in the place, because she is very nervous.

“He could have suffered a serious health loss due to this fact, the case is already in the hands of the competent authorities,” he said.

Likewise, he took the opportunity to thank God because they were not hurt.

«Andrés, my father-in-law, Britta, Rambo and I are fine. Thanks to the National Police, because they were very diligent with our case and gave us all the necessary help. The case is already in your hands,” he added.

Finally, he thanked his family for their support, while expressing that the wounds remain forever in the soul and “forgetting this situation will not be easy.”

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