The PRD denounces Gutiérrez Luna for promoting AMLO in ban by revocation

The PRD denounces Gutiérrez Luna for promoting AMLO in ban by revocation

As evidence, he presented a video of a meeting in Veracruz where the Moreno deputy is heard saying: “Support the president and support the approval of the electricity reform. It’s for everyone. We are going to carry out the reforms and transform the country. And we are going to fulfill the people.”

In the 37-page complaint, Ángel Ávila, representative of the PRD before the INE, asks the electoral body to issue precautionary measures and order Morena to eliminate “immediately from its official accounts the denounced publications and refrain from continuing to generate publications in the same sense”.

And that Gutiérrez Luna be asked to “refrain from holding such meetings for the purpose of promoting the figure of the federal Executive.”

Ávila said that “the deputy forgets that, having the position of representation, he is no longer part of a political party, he must take off the role of leader and assume his role as popular representative for all citizens, regardless of the party.”

In addition, he recalled that from February 4 to April 10 – the day on which the mandate revocation consultation will be held – the dissemination of government propaganda is prohibited; that is, government achievements and actions.

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