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The pope will appoint 21 new cardinals, including Monsignor Adalberto Martínez

All female workers in the country who have the right to two days of paid leave to undergo Pap tests and mammography, established by Law 3,803/09.

This Saturday marks the “International Day of Action for Women’s Health”, instituted since 1987 at the proposal of the Latin American and Caribbean Women’s Health Network, with the aim of addressing the various diseases that affect women. woman throughout her life.

In Paraguay, according to official data from the health portfolio and Globo Cam for the year 2020, four women are diagnosed with breast cancer per day, among whom one to two die. In second order, there is cervical cancer.

In this sense, all women workers in the country are reminded that they have the right to two days of paid leave to undergo Pap tests and mammography, established by Law 3,803/09.

The PAP study should be performed on all women who have or have had sexual intercourse, and from the age of 30 on those who have not, in order to detect any anomaly in a timely manner.

As for the mammography study, a first base study is recommended at 35 years of age and, starting at 40, annually. If there is a history of breast cancer in the family (grandmothers, mother, father, sisters, aunts) it is important to start the studies 10 years before the age of diagnosis of the youngest relative who had the disease.

In order for women to enjoy general well-being at all stages of life, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, practice physical activity, maintain a healthy diet, attend gynecological consultations and carry out routine check-ups.

It is worth mentioning that, through the health services of the different levels of care, the person is accompanied from conception in all phases of life, promoting healthy lifestyles and disease prevention. In addition, there are exclusive spaces for adolescents, where they are given multidisciplinary care.

Likewise, the family planning service is offered at all levels of care of the Ministry of Health, from the Family Health Units to specialized hospitals. There, professionals provide guidance to couples, women; contraceptive methods, according to the number of children they wish to have, and the interval between pregnancies.

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