Prosecutor files a congressional complaint against the mayor of Huancavelica for alleged abandonment of office

Prosecutor files a congressional complaint against the mayor of Huancavelica for alleged abandonment of office

One of the complaints filed by Congressman Alfredo Pariona Sinche was archived by the Public Ministry.

The complaint was against the mayor of Rómulo Cayllahua, against whom a tax file was opened for the alleged crime against the public administration in the form of omission, refusal or delay of functional acts.

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The document reads that on April 22, the aforementioned parliamentarian arrived at the Public Ministry with the complaint that the mayor had left the mayor’s office for more than 30 days for no apparent reason and asked to make a fiscal finding.

The tax document reads that they found the municipal manager, who told them that the mayor is indeed working, that that day he had gone to the population centers of Sotopampa, (Yauli), Añancusi (Acoria).

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In the same way, the prosecutor reports that a document from the Ombudsman’s Office, dated April 21 with 26 pages, came into his hands, who went to the Municipality and did find the mayor dispatching in the commune.

Likewise, the prosecutor says he unexpectedly visited the Municipality of Huancavelica on May 10 and found the mayor carrying out his duties in his office, drawing up the respective minutes.

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Also, the Municipality provided them with information requested from the prosecutor’s office about the mayor’s absence on April 22, among them, they attached a fuel voucher for the mayor’s office van; which, at the discretion of the prosecutor, proves the displacement of the vehicle assigned to the Huancavelican mayor.

With this documentation, the prosecutor issues the disposition to file the preventive procedure on May 11, in which he concludes and definitively files the complaint generated by Congressman Alfredo Pariona Sinche against Mayor Rómulo Cayllahua Paytán.

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Likewise, it recommends that the mayor adopt the pertinent measures in order to guarantee timely attention to the users who come to his office, or failing that, make the data of the official who will be in charge of the mayor’s office transparent with greater publicity. not incur in the presumed commission of the crime against the public administration in the modality of omission of functional acts.

It should be noted that this complaint is not the same one that was filed on May 19, the same one that must still be ongoing in the Public Ministry.

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