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The pool was stolen, he searched for it with a drone and found out that his neighbor installed it in the patio

The pool was taken from a warehouse and the owner found it in a farm, 400 meters from the place where it was stolen. The unusual event occurred in Santa Fe.

A 43-year-old man managed to recover a fiberglass pool that was stolen from his storage room. The owner began looking for her with a drone in the city of San José del Rincón, in Santa Fe, Y found her at a neighbor’s house.

The fact was denounced this Tuesday by a man who sells fiber pools on Route 1, at km 5.2. The victim told the officers of police station No. 14 that he was missing one of the had within his property.

Once he left the police station, he used his own drone to try to locate it in the area, believing that whoever stole it could not have gone far.

In this way, he began to fly over the houses with the drone with the aim of recovering it. Only about 400 meters away, he found the work where they were walling up the pool.

The owner of the pool went to the police station again to notify the officers that he had found it. The police went to the place and there they met a 31-year-old man, who said that he was actually the owner.

The thief was opened a case for the crime of “concealment”, but he was released. Prosecutor Rosana Peresín is in charge of the investigation.

Another unusual robbery in Santa Fe: they entered a house, emptied the canvas pool and took it away

The event occurred in the Sarmiento neighborhood, while the owner was taking a nap with her two small children. The thieves also they took the children’s toys.

in dialogue with Telenight Rosario, Daiana, the victim of the assault, told what her reaction was when she realized that the pool was not there. She, in turn, denounced a wave of robberies in the neighborhood. “It was five minutes of shock, because it was looking and seeing the grass, the toys, the boys. The 10-year-old boy who was telling me all day ‘Mom, where is the pool?’”recounted.

In this sense, the woman pointed out that she feels anguish to think that they took something that was “for the boys” and said that bought it less than a month agowith a great economic effort.

“It is a humble house. They entered, they saw the pool, the toys. We are talking about two creatures, who in order to spend the summer and bear the heat, had the pool. They are not interested in anything”, he added.

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