La Policía suspende al uniformado que fue premiado por ‘capturar’ a Nallar

The Police suspend the uniformed man who was awarded for ‘capturing’ Nallar

July 6, 2022, 4:00 AM

July 6, 2022, 4:00 AM

The oldest Álvaro Muñoz was suspended from his dutiesdays after being distinguished as a “man of excellence and honor” within the Police for the alleged capture of Misael Nallarmain defendant for the murder of three uniformed men on June 21 in the Porongo area, a fact that shocked society.

The new National Police Inspector, Colonel Augusto Russo, confirmed that Álvaro Muñoz, operational head of the GIOE (Intelligence Group and Special Operations), of the Special Force to Fight Drug Trafficking (Felcn), like Captain Rubén Aparicio, they were placed at the disposal of the General Command in La Paz. and suspended from their duties. “They are not in office and will have to wait for their new assignments,” said the inspector general.

The declaration of the inspector general of the suspension of Major Muñoz delegitimizes the distinction of excellencewhich was delivered last week in La Paz by the Minister of Government, Eduardo del Castillo.

On that occasion, the minister and the then Commander-in-Chief of the Police, Johnny Aguilera, highlighted Muñoz’s performance and described his action as heroic so that Misael Nallar, most wanted for the triple murder, be detained in the Tres Cruces area.

Change of reports

The news of the suspension of Major Muñoz generated a reaction in the police, investigators immediately. “All police officers are outraged when we hear that he was honored. In other cases, no one has ever been rewarded for fulfilling their work and even worse in this case, in which there are so many doubts. We believe that the reason is that he changed initial reports to modify the truth of Misael Nallar and the testimony of the Colombians who were first detained, and then one of them was released,” an investigator told this outlet.

On June 21, society was shaken after the murder of police officers Eustaquio Olano, 44 ​​years old; Alfonso Chávez Flores, and the Gacip volunteer, José Candia Orozco (27).

A day later, former Commander Aguilera called a press conference at 7:00 p.m. It was the first official version of Johnny Aguilera in the midst of great expectations from the press. The commander reported that the uniformed men were executed by an armed group when they were carrying out citizen security patrols. He named Misael Nallar as the main piece of the murder and made his capture official.

Nevertheless, Aguilera showed slide photos of the arrest of two Colombians and one Bolivian. In the graph presented, it said that they were captured after being found in a vehicle that was traveling on the road to Las Cruces, municipality of Porongo. They were Colombians Jhon Walter Tibaduiza Hernández and Esteban Beltrán Muñoz, as well as a Bolivian.
This report did not mention the arrest of Bolivian lawyer Rodrigo Gonzales.

The next day the accusation was presented only against Misael Nallar, Rodrigo Gonzales and the Colombian Esteban Beltrán Muñoz. All three were sent to jail, but It was not reported what happened to Jhon Walter Tibaduiza Hernández or the other Bolivian.

DUTY agreed to the testimony of the Colombians before the Police. JHon Walter Tibaduiza Hernández and Esteban Beltrán Muñoz, revealed that Nallar was their employer and that in the field in which they worked he was known as the ‘doctor’.

In addition, that after the murder with high caliber weapons, Nallar shaved his head, removed his beard and left Urubó using and changing vehicles to go to El Trompillo airport. He arrived at his hangar where he has four planes, he flew in one to San Joaquín. The next day, June 22, she came back and turned herself in.

The Colombians also revealed that Misael Nallar ands married to the daughter of Jesús Einar Lima Lobo, imprisoned in Brazil for international drug trafficking and directing a drug trafficking clan linked even to Célimo Andrade, the closest collaborator of the once powerful Colombian drug trafficker Pablo Escóbar.

The Colombians also told the police that at the El Trompillo airport, Jesús Einar Lima Lobo has a hangar with 10 planes.

After what DUTY informed of the delivery and the testimony of the Colombians, the authorities admitted that Nallar turned himself in, but pointed out that it was thanks to the action of Major Muñoz.

Nallar’s relatives and defense also confirmed that there was no arrest, but an agreed surrender. On your side, The General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics (DGAC) confirmed that Misael Nallar made a flight to San Joaquín, land where the Lima Lobo operated.

The DGAC assured that the triple murder suspect flew to that region of Beni, but not as a pilot but as a passenger and that there is an open investigation to clarify the case.

The same police authorities were surprised when the Colombian John Walter Tibaduiza Hernandezwho according to former commander Johnny Aguilera, was arrested along with another of his compatriots and a Bolivian and who were interviewed by agents, appeared in the media.

Tibaduiza Hernández, in his public appearance denounced that he was the object of extortion by the police at a checkpoint near Montero, when he was driving in a public service vehicle.

Latest reports accessed by EL DEBER show that Tibaduiza, when traveling in a vehicle, was heading to the Chapare to take refuge. When the police checked him and asked for documents, he replied that he did not have any and that he was Colombian. However, to let him pass, he would have given $2,000 to the uniformed men as a gift. However, in his public complaint in the media, he assured that the police extorted him, they took $6,000 from him and beat him. As a result of this statement, two police officers were arrested and sent to jail for concussion.

The Police Commander himself, Colonel Erick Holguín, confirmed that Tibaduiza fled and that in his country he was wanted for hired assassins. He persecutes him for belonging to a gang of hired thugs linked to drug mafias. Holguín even assured that Tibaduiza may be hiding somewhere in Bolivia and that investigations are being carried out in order to capture him.

Only three arrested

Until now, investigations show no progress. Only Misael Nallar remains detained, in Chonchocoro de La Paz; Esteban Beltrán Muñoz, in El Abra de Cochabamba, and the Bolivian lawyer Rodrigo Gonzales, in Palmasola de Santa Cruz, prosecuted for the crime of murder.

Departmental prosecutor Roger Mariaca assured that there is an ongoing investigation and that several people have already testified. The authority assured that the Prosecutor’s Office complied with the actions but that a coordinated work is carried out with the Police for the total clarification of the triple murder.

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