The PNGD nominate Dominican Taste Festival-NY as a Country Brand

The PNGD nominate Dominican Taste Festival-NY as a Country Brand

NEW YORK.- The entity “Dominican Taste Festival” in this city, chaired by the Dominican businesswoman Elida Almonte, was nominated for the National Awards of Dominican Gastronomy (PNGD) by the gastronomic academy in the Caribbean country.

“After the nomination process that has been carried out since October 28, 2022, we would like you to join us on the night of January 24, where the award will be made to one of several nominees in the same category,” holds PNGD.

The PNGD are the highest awards given in the gastronomic culture and hospitality industry of the DR. They seek to promote and encourage the efforts of companies, institutions and professionals who stand out for their contributions to the development and competitiveness of a diverse and flourishing industry.

Almonte, after the nomination, thanked all those who have supported “Dominican Taste Festival” to make it possible for this initiative to be a mark of distinction for Dominicans abroad.

“For three years we have worked together with our chefs and the organizing team of the event, made up of Michael Peralta, Samuel Sánchez, Francisco Marte, Matibel Pérez, Nadia López, Luis Facundo, the Chiringueros Association, Gisela Tejada, Evangelina Fermín, Iris García and Ana Ester, among others, highlighting the culinary greatness of the Dominican Republic and the quality of national products in the USA, especially in the Big Apple”, he highlighted.

The award is made based on the result of an open and public nomination process, which is then weighted by the Committee for Gastronomy Awards, made up of around 50 experts selected by the National Association of Gastronomy and Hospitality, and made up of representatives of various areas of the sector.

The venue of the event will be at the Hotel Catalonia (Brussels Hall) in the Dominican capital, starting at 6:30 pm, specifies a document signed by Martha de la Cruz, AGH membership coordinator.

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