Senderista Iber Maraví replaces comrade 'Cusi'

Senderista Iber Maraví replaces comrade ‘Cusi’

Chaos does not rest. After learning that Rocío Leandro Melgar, alias comrade ‘Cusi’, was preliminarily detained along with seven other leaders of the Ayacucho People’s Defense Front (Fredepa) for the alleged commission of the crime against public tranquility in the form of disturbances , the ex-minister appeared whose participation in terrorist acts in the 1980s appears in police reports, to take the command post and continue with the coordination regarding the mobilizations against the government of and the request to advance general elections and the call for a Constituent Assembly.

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This newspaper was able to learn that, after the arrests, Fredepa restructured its senior leadership by summoning its previous former presidents. It is so former Minister of Labor during the government of his friend Pedro Castillo, once again publicly took over the baton of this group that is under investigation for harboring members who financed, promoted and led terrorist actions in the south of the country, according to reports from the Dircote and Prosecutor’s Office.

Even received a group of protesters from Vraem yesterday and, according to sources, they are waiting to add more followers to continue their journey to Lima.

Also, since last Friday, he actively participated in marches in Huamanga, Ayacucho, to declare the release of, among others, Rocío Leandro; the vice president, Estéfany Alanya Chumbes; the recording secretary, José Manay Pillaca; and the press officer, Fernando Quinto Cuba.

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For Pedro Yaranga, a specialist in comprehensive security, the arrest of Leandro and other leaders will not affect the purpose they have to promote and promote their political platform.

He has been under the watchful eye of the Police since he was recorded in police documents about violent acts in Ayacucho, but a conviction was never achieved by trickery,” he said, adding that his role will be seen in the mobilizations in the south.

“With back in office they will not back down. Fredepa will remain firm in his tasks and coordination to participate in the violent protests against the government, ”he said.


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