The PLRA was financially destroyed, admits vice of the PLRA and requests a session

Liberal deputy Enrique Mineur believes that a party convention should be called as soon as possible, to recover the capacity for debate within the PLRA. He believes that the party will remain doomed to failure as long as the current lack of leadership persists.

“The PLRA must enter into a process of self-criticism and reorganization, in order to In order to install a leadership that places the party as an option, as long as we continue with this lack of leadership, we have no chance of success and we must make decisions ”, opinated legislator Enrique Mineur, in an interview with 780 AM.

He claimed that, andhe PLRA ceased to be a forum for discussion and political debateto become a place whereand only hatred and separation are generated, far from the search for unity.

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The Authentic Radical Liberal Youth (JLRA), the old litter, the newly elected and those who no longer became a candidatera no charge, agree that Efraín Alegre must resign Well, her period is over.

However, neither Alegre presents his resignation nor did the board mobilize to formally promote his departure, beyond communications and opinions via social networks or the media.

Alegre reached the record set by Domingo Laíno, of losing general elections three consecutive times, on which occasion a convention was called, the president was dismissed and Óscar Denis was provisionally appointed, until new elections were called.

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