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The PLRA is doomed to failure, as long as the lack of leadership continues, they regret

Of the current 80 deputies, 22 managed to be re-elected for the next legislative period, so the Lower House will have a significant renewal of 72.5% as of July 1, when it formally begins a new cycle. In addition, another 10 current legislators will go to the Senate, two were elected as deputies and one will be Vice President of the Republic.

As reported by the Chamber of Deputies, of the 22 legislators who obtained re-election as national deputies, 11 correspond to the National Republican Association (ANR), Colorado Party; 10 are from the Authentic Radical Liberal Party (PLRA); and one representation is from the Patria Querida Party (PPQ).

The Colorado deputies who will continue to hold a seat in the period 2023-2028 are Raul Latorre (Capital); Jasmine Narvaez (Central); Carlos Nunez Salinas (Central); Carmen Gimenez (Saint Peter); Roberto Gonzalez (Mountain range); Miguel Del Puerto (Caaguazu); avelino davalos (Caazapa); walter harms (Itapua); Stephen Samaniego (Paraguari); Dew Abed (Upper Paraná); and Cristina Villalba (Canindeyu).

For the PLRA, the deputies were re-elected Marcelo Salinas (Central); Rodrigo Blanco (Central); Emilio Pavon (Conception); Ariel Villagra (Saint Peter); Pastor Vera Bejarano (Saint Peter); Carlos Maria Lopez (Mountain range); Antonio Buzarquis (Caaguazu); Jorge Avalos Marino (Paraguari); roya torres (Upper Paraná); and Juan Manuel Acevedo (Amambay).

Closes the list of parliamentarians re-elected in the Lower House, the Deputy Rocío Vallejo (Central), of the Patria Querida Party, who has the particularity that he is currently a representative of the Central Department but in the next regular session will occupy a seat representing the capital city, Asunción.

Based on the current composition of the Chamber of Deputies, it is worth indicating that the Bancada del Partido Encuentro Nacional (PEN), will keep his two seatsbut in both cases they are new parliamentarians.

The Bench Let’s dohowever, will lose representation; like the independent space that today is occupied by Jorge Brítez; while political groups “Yo Creo” and “Cruzada Nacional” will constitute new benches.

Ten current deputies will go to the Senate

Along the same lines, it is important to point out that current national deputies achieved re-election as parliamentarians, but already in another legislative chamber. In total there will be ten who will become senators from July 1.

This list is made up of Celestial Yellow (PLRA-Capital); Eric Galeano (ANR-Central); Kattya Gonzalez (PEN-Central); Derlis Maidana (ANR-Missions); Basilio Nunez (ANR-President Hayes); Hernan Rivas (ANR-Itapúa); Sergio Rojas (PLRA-Central); Arnaldo Samaniego (ANR-Capital); Colym Soroka (ANR-Itapúa); and Mario Varela (ANR-Caaguazú).

Seven congressmen are from the National Republican Association (ANR); two from the Authentic Radical Liberal Party (PLRA); and a parliamentarian from the National Encounter Party (PEN).

Vice President of the Republic and two governors

In the general elections of April 30, the deputy Peter Alliana (ANR-Ñeembucú), formed the winning plate and will be the next Vice President of the Republic. Said legislator ends his second parliamentary term, where he knew how to occupy the presidency of the Chamber of Deputies on more than one occasion.

Likewise, they achieved two victories on that occasion, the deputies Freddy D’Ecclesiis (ANR-San Pedro), and Juan Acosta (ANR-Amambay), who will become Governors of the departments of San Pedro and Amambayrespectively.

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