Crispiano Adames urges the people to make the best choice before the 2024 elections

One year after the 2024 general elections, presidential candidate Crispiano Adames urged the Panamanian people to identify the candidates with the best proposals to face the challenges of the 21st century and “not because of clientelism or perks.”

Likewise, he warned that the elections of May 5, 2024 be carried out with the transparency and tranquility that the Panamanian people demand.

Adames also referred to the contract with Minera Panamá, emphasizing that once the contract reaches the National Assembly, he will promote from his seat the broadest analysis to avoid “there being a condition that means a new Hay Bunau Varilla in the 21st century signed by a Panamanian”.

Adames’ statements were made during a tour of the Cañazas district, where he sought door-to-door votes.

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