Los jugadores de El Salvador `se plantan' horas antes del partido ante Canadá

The players of El Salvador `stand up’ hours before the game against Canada

The meeting between El Salvador and Canada belonging to the CONCACAF World Cup qualifier is hanging by a thread. Salvadoran players they have informed their fans that they will not play the match, as a result of a convulsive clash with the federation of his country, which they blame “lack of respect, bad conditions and the breaking of the agreement between players and managers”.

All this is caused by a problem originated because of some conversations between the players and the press, after they alleged that they were not provided with warm clothing during their stay in Columbus, and they had to be the ones who bought these clothes to combat the cold. As a result of these statements in the media, the Salvadoran soccer federation informed the players that they would not comply with the previously agreed premium agreement, to which the players have responded by refusing to play the game that It is scheduled at 3:00 a.m. this Thursday (8:00 p.m. local time)and that measures them at home against the Canadian team.

The players allege that this decision is made thinking about the decent conditions they want to ensure for themselves and for future generations: “We will not play this game to set a precedent and that this does not happen again”, states the template.

Players have issued a joint statement in which they explain the reasons for this resignation, while apologizing to their country and their fans.

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