The PJ of Buenos Aires closes agreements to present unity lists in the 135 municipalities

The PJ of Buenos Aires closes agreements to present unity lists in the 135 municipalities

Buenos Aires PJ meeting on Monday in the provincial capital.

The sectors that make up the justicialismo of the province of Buenos Aires advance in the formation of unity lists in each of the 135 municipalities of the district with a view to the internal elections that will take place on March 27, according to party sources. .

The term for the presentation of the lists of pre-candidates will expire this Thursday, and the national deputy and president of the PJ of Buenos Aires, Máximo Kirchner, is holding negotiations with the various currents with the purpose of achieving “a spirit of unity” that materializes in the call electoral.

On Monday night, in La Plata, Kirchner led a meeting with district referents of the provincial PJ with the purpose of sealing agreements to avoid internal competition, especially in the localities that are governed by Together for Change (JxC).

In relation to this meeting, the Buenos Aires Government Minister and first vice president of the national PJ, Cristina Álvarez Rodríguez, affirmed through social networks that “in the PJ we continue working to strengthen the party and continue building Peronism in the 135 municipalities of the Province” .

While, the head of the Buenos Aires Cabinet, Martín Insaurralde, who attended this party meeting, said that “together with Máximo Kirchner we shared a long and interesting discussion talk with the compañeras and compañeros on the present and future of Peronism and the province of Buenos Aires “.

“This is a complementary election to the one that was held last year and that resulted in the assumption of Máximo (Kirchner) as president of the Party Council,” said spokesmen for the Buenos Aires PJ.

The complications due to the coronavirus pandemic and the political times of an electoral year configured in 2021 “a different scenario than usual”, since the internal elections were divided to elect the provincial and district councilors, who have the mandate expired since December 17 of last year, they explained.

In that context, the counselors of the PJ in Buenos Aires who met on Monday in the provincial capital pondered “the need for unity,” while they urged “deepen internal discussions in the institutional framework of the PJ.”

They also reviewed the country’s economic situation and highlighted “the recovery in various sectors as a result of public works and state investment, both from the provincial and national governments.”

At the same time, they focused on “combating inflation” in order to avoid “a brake on the growth of the economy,” according to a statement released by the PJ of Buenos Aires.

Last year’s election process, which concluded with the appointment of Máximo Kirchner as president of the Provincial Council of the PJ, is still open.

This is due to a claim for “serious institutional irregularities” made by the former supporter and mayor of Esteban Echeverría, Fernando Gray, and which is in the Supreme Court of Justice pending a resolution, the party spokesmen clarified.

Despite the fact that the national deputy and leader of La Cámpora joined the wills of all sectors of Buenos Aires Peronism to assume the presidency of the party, the then vice president He objected to the forms and argued that “the replacement should be done in December and not advance it”, for which he initiated a claim in justice, where he had several setbacks, but he reached the Court and is now awaiting a sentence, although there is no estimated term .

The meeting on Monday was attended by supporters of the First Electoral Section such as the Minister of Public Works, Gabriel Katopodis; his provincial peer, Leonardo Nardini; the head of the Social Development portfolio, Juan Zabaleta; the deputy governor Verónica Magario, the national senator Juliana Di Tulio, the national deputy Victoria Tolosa Paz, the provincial senator Teresa García, and the head of Anses, Fernanda Raverta, among other leaders and officials.

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