The PIT-CNT wants to know the government's measures to overcome inflation and famine

The PIT-CNT wants to know the government’s measures to overcome inflation and famine


The trade union center will request a meeting with the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Pablo Mieres, to analyze the measures that the Executive is considering applying to “overcome the rise in inflation, the famine, and how the defense of work will be promoted.” and salary, said Abdala.

The government has promoted the reduction of VAT for one month on strip roasts, pasta and baked goods, something that is considered insufficient, both for the parties of the ruling coalition, as well as for the Broad Front and social and union organizations.

Regarding the division of food, Abdala agreed as long as the sanitary conditions of the food are met. “For us, all forms are valid so that people can make ends meet.”

According to him, the ideal would be for there to be prices and incomes that allow people to consume in decent conditions, since they are talking about a basic need for people, such as food.


On the other hand, the union leader stated that the government also has the challenge of Accountability and balance of budget execution this year.

“This impacts not only the contribution of the State to the generation of quality jobs, but also the fulfillment of the word of the government with the workers of the public administration that the wage bill would not deteriorate,” said Abdala. .

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