Premier Torres from Cusco: "Another person will come, perhaps better than me, and will act for the benefit of the majority" (VIDEO)

Premier Torres from Cusco: “Another person will come, perhaps better than me, and will act for the benefit of the majority” (VIDEO)

The president of the Council of Ministers (PCM), Aníbal Torres, was in Cusco, in a meeting with the representatives of the unions and unions that promote a 48-hour strike against the rise in take-away bread products, the closure of Congress and the change of the Political Constitution of 1993.

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The premier was accompanied by Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Regional Governor of Cusco, Mayor of Cusco and leaders of the more than 20 associations that advocate a strike this Monday, April 18 and Tuesday, April 19 in the Cusco Region.

After the meeting that lasted more than three hours and in which the decentralized session of the Council of Ministers was ratified this Thursday in Cusco and the presence of President Castillo this Fridaythe premier made a new allusion to the press media “congratulating them” for the work they are doing, also mentioning that he is willing to leave office at any time.

“They who continue in their fight I do not cling to the position, another person will come perhaps better than me and who will act for the benefit of the majoritythe Cabinet can be recomposed (…) You are very good and always tell the truth, I congratulate you”, pointed bluntly to the questions of local journalists.

Finally, he stated that parallel to the decentralized session this weekend in Cusco, technical work tables will be held in order to solve the problems claimed by the local population on issues of Health, Transportation and Communications, Agriculture, Culture and Tourism, Education, Energy and Mines, as well as the table on social issues, including Citizen Security, Women, Social Development and Justice.

At the culmination of the meeting in the facilities of the Regional Management of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Cusco, it was not possible for the cusqueños to drop their protest measure, but they do meet on Monday afternoon, when they will decide whether to continue with the strike or suspend it as requested by the head of the Ministerial Cabinet.

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