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Guaraní and General Caballero JLM, who have just lost in their first presentation, will look for the recovery points today from 7:15 p.m. in the closing match of date 2 of Clausura 2022.

The Rogelio S. Livieres stadium opens its doors.

Guaraní, still dismayed by the departure of Josué Colmán, receives the urgent General de Mallorquín, who must add as much as possible to put up a fight in the ruthless bid to stay in First Division.

In this sense, the people from Alto Paraná (1,000) are located steps away from the hot zone of the average table and only victory will allow them to take some distance (but distance at last) over the current candidates for relegation: Ameliano (0,916) and Taquary (0.958).

For its part, the squad led by Mr. Fernando Jubero is indebted to its people and the defeat against Olimpia did nothing but fuel the protests. The pressure on the campus grows as the days go by.

Guarani remains undefeated against General Caballero. The native defeated Rojo in the two matches of the Apertura tournament (3-1 and 4-0). Likewise, Guaraní has ​​not lost at its Rogelio Livieres stadium for 4 matches (2 wins and 2 parities).

The transmission goes through the screens of Tigo Sports and through the sign of Universo 970/Nación Media to all radio listeners in the country.


Guarani vs. Gen. Knight JLM

2 matches (Opening 2022)

2 Legendary wins (7 goals)

0 tie

0 victory for the Majorcans (1 goal)


05/21/2022 (17th DATE, OPENING)

Gen. Caballero JLM 0-4 Guarani

Stadium: Kaarendy

Goals: Alberto Contrera, Marcelo González, Bernardo Benítez and Fernando Fernández.


Referee: Aldo Quiñonez

Assistants: Felix Arzamendia and Nancy Fernandez

Fourth referee: Giancarlos Juliadoza

VAR: Carlos Paul Benitez

AVAR: Carmelo Candia

Support referee: Juan Gabriel Benítez.

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