The opposition denounces hauling and threats to attend the AMLO march

The opposition denounces hauling and threats to attend the AMLO march

Some of these characters, such as the mayoress of Cuauhtémoc, Sandra Cuevasand the PAN mayoress of Álvaro Obregón, Lia Lemon, They reported that march attendees were threatened with being fired and hauled away to attend.

“He couldn’t even fill the Zócalo by paying.” @PartidoMorenaMx is over, the reign of President @lopezobrador_ is over,” the mayor of Cuauhtémoc posted on Twitter.

“To all those workers, merchants and beneficiaries of social programs who had to go to the #MarchaDelAcarreo due to the threat of losing their job, program or trade permit, don’t worry that in 2024 together we will build another story in #CDMX” , published Lía Limón, who aspires to be a candidate for head of government of CDMX.

While the national leader of the PAN, Marko Cortesdenounced that the march was disorganized, between shoving and pulling, with people threatened and diversion of resources.

While Senator Emilio Álvarez Icaza, who called the march “The March of Cash”, asserted that reality surpasses the fable, since “thousands of people carried woven the emperor’s suit and dressed it with long lines of buses of the whole country”.

While other politicians like the experredista Fernando Belaunzarán He pointed out that many of those attending the march this Sunday, “they took them, they shouted, they called the list and they left,” which is why the Zócalo “was far from full when @lopezobrador_ spoke.”

javier lozano He described the governors of Morena who attended the march as “huevones” and shared a photograph of his pink clothing in another tweet, thus joining the “pink tide”.

“Let the hauled parade (of course, charged to our taxes). Today we dress in pink to confirm that we are many more and that we defend democracy and freedom. To hell with the dictatorship,” Lozano published.

The number of attendees to the march also opened debate among politicians and it is that according to figures from the capital’s government to the march this Sunday 1.2 million people attended of all country.

Given this, the former independent presidential candidate, Margarita Zavala, pointed out that for “all the money they put in, for the propaganda and threats they threw… I think they lacked it. It shows that they don’t know how to organize and they do know how to waste.”

Criticism against the president’s departure continued on Monday. Also a former PAN presidential candidate, Ricardo Anayaaccused that it was the hauling march, “paid with your taxes.”

“He stopped being the president of all Mexicans to become a vulgar rattlemaker and party spokesman,” he posted on Twitter.

Beginning before 9:00 a.m. this Sunday, November 27, thousands of people gathered in Mexico City to walk along with the Federal Executive along Paseo de la Reforma to end at a stage where he delivered his speech that lasted more than an hour and a half where he assured that “the majority of those who participated in the march are young”, for which he celebrated a generational change.

Despite the criticism of the march, this Monday President López Obrador said during his morning press conference that he felt very happy and grateful to the people “because the goodness, the generosity of our people was revealed again, it is a effective formula and does not fail”.



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