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“The only thing this government has offered us is chaos, deception and anarchy”

The pre-candidate for the Presidency, Santiago Peña, spoke about the main current issues and his vision for the future, a few days before the internal party elections on December 18.

In an interview with the Expresso program of the GEN channel, hosted by Augusto Dos Santos, Santiago Peña stated that He currently sees a very distressing social situation. “Today I see a very distressing social situation. The anguish, the pain is constant during this journey of almost 12 months, due to different factors, ”she expressed.

Unlike his campaign for 2017, He said that on this occasion he was able to observe with much more detail and learn about the experiences, mostly sad for citizens who lost their loved ones during the pandemic and the general economic situation in the country.

In this regard, he mentioned that the slogan of his campaign “We will be better” It is born from a deep conviction of the enormous potential that Paraguay has.

On this point, Peña said that in the event of reaching the Presidency, he is aware that he will find himself with a State in a calamitous situation, mainly in the social and economic area. “Unfortunately, the State that is going to be received is not a desirable situation. But, having the experience, I can say that I can recover”, iindicated.

On the other hand, he spoke of the nneed to build a great unity in the Colorado Party and also the possibility of creating a table of sectors and political parties. “On April 30, I am aware that I am not going to win 100 to 0. I can win with a number of votes, but I cannot govern with people against me. My vision of development is for all Paraguayans, with the great strength of the Colorado Party, but a Colorado Party at the service of the entire country.”

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Likewise, he said that there are traits that are evident in the decisions made by Mario Abdo Benítez, who cannot digest criticism. “Mario Abdo never wanted to get close to the Colorado Party. He has made his management a confrontation within the Colorado Party, ”he stressed.

In this regard, he indicated that Abdo’s government will be recognized as the most corrupt and incompetent. “The lesson that it leaves us is that we have to have an impeccable, bulletproof, honest, suitable, transparent management,” he said.


Regarding the Itaipu negotiation and the multiple shortcomings of the Government in this regard, Peña indicated that “The only thing this government has offered us is chaos, deception, anarchy. Five foreign ministers have passed and thus it is impossible to draw up a strategy”.

He also said that he is convinced that an inclusive strategy can be proposed with Brazil.


In the macroeconomic sphere, he stated that “Paraguay was winning the game and even scored a thrashing” in the administration of Horacio Cartes, but that was lost in this government.

He added that Paraguay has conditions to be much better and said that the person directly responsible for the bad decisions of the Treasury and the BCP is Mario Abdo Benítez.


“I believe that this is the worst administration of all areas in terms of health,” analyzed the candidate regarding the crisis at the Social Welfare Institute, adding that it is a totally undersupplied system.

He attributed to the dishonest and incompetent management of the authorities. “The situation that the IPS has today is the responsibility of this government. I am scared of the situation in which it is going to be, but it scares me more that this will continue for 5 more years, ”he said.


“Improving dedication does not go through introducing gender ideology. We have to make sure that the child knows how to read and understands what he reads. We have to be aware that at the international level, they want to put their agenda in a clearly conservative country that maintains the family as its central nucleus and understands the family as the union between man and woman,” said Peña.


Regarding security, he indicated that it is a complex problem and its approach is even more so.

He referred that the problem of urban security is the consequence of the lack of government management, while transnational crimes have their local component. “This government liberated the cocaine trade. Paraguay became an export platform for Europe. The largest cocaine seizures did not occur in Paraguay, they occurred in Europe ”, he pointed out.

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