The Ombudsman's Office rejects an alleged act of intimidation against the prosecutor Marita Barreto

The Ombudsman’s Office rejects an alleged act of intimidation against the prosecutor Marita Barreto

The Ombudsman rejected the alleged act of intimidation against the prosecutor in charge of the Special Team of Prosecutors against the Corruption of Power that investigates the environment of the President of the Republic, .

This, after the last Sunday, August 22, the prosecutor denounced that a drone was flying over her house and was recording it, while in parallel the hearing was held where the request for preventive detention against the sister-in-law of the head of state was evaluated. Yenifer Paredes.

Given this, the Ombudsman stated on its social networks that it is important that the Ministry authorities in charge of the investigation against Castillo Terrones and his entourage do their work without interference.

We reject the alleged act of intimidation against the coordinating prosecutor of the special team against corruption, Marita Barretowho denounced that a drone invaded his house, while the Judiciary was evaluating a request for preventive detention for Yenifer Paredes and mayor of Anguía”, reads the institution’s Twitter account.

It is essential that authorities in charge of investigations of alleged acts of corruption carry out their work without any type of interference and, much less, without acts of intimidation, regardless of the level of officials and people under investigation.”, he added.

Complaint of Marita Barreto

According to the police report, the prosecutor Marita Barreto detailed that the drone “He was recording the interior of the home, prowling several times inside and around the house”.

“It is so that when he realized the fact he tried to record the drone with his cell phone, which moved away from the house to continue recording and then disappeared from the place. Likewise, it is pointed out that the appellant in the company of family members left the home in order to be able to locate the subject who would be operating the equipment, without having any result “he stated.


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