"The Nutcracker" will celebrate 22 years of the Pro-Dance Association

That prince who was going to marry his beautiful princess, but was bewitched by a mouse and turned into a wooden toy, this young man had the ability to crack nuts with his teeth … This is the story that year after year and so Magic is told on the stages of the world through classical music and ballet choreography.

Panama is no exception, and thanks to the Prodanza Association, this staging, which is considered a Christmas classic, is revived at this time. Maruja Herrera, founding member of the association, stated that this year is a very special commemoration.

“We have been in Panama for 22 years, contributing a grain of sand for the community in what is fine arts, in this case classical dance, promoting it, encouraging it and contributing to national cultural education,” he explained.

Herrera assured that the best way to celebrate this is through The Nutcracker “in this beautiful time, when hope is renewed, where hopes are everything.”

The cast

The founder explained that 400 students from the 50 classical dance schools across the country participated in the auditions, 80 were chosen. In addition, she confirmed that the choreographers are all Panamanians, among them are: Carla Lozano, Ana Lorena Boyd and Marianela Jiménez.

“The idea is to give it a different nuance so that the choreography is not the same as always,” said Maruja.

The presentations of this work are scheduled for December 28 and 29 at the National Theater.

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