The number of migrants killed in a truck in Texas increases to 51

The number of migrants killed in a truck in Texas increases to 51

three detainees

The mayor of the city, Ron Nirenberglamented “a horrible tragedy” and asked that the full weight of the law falls on the guilty.

Three people were arrested, according to the police chief. But “we don’t know if they are linked to this or not”William McManus specified.

Police have already removed the truck from the scene of the tragedy, on a narrow road between a train track and several car wrecks and warehouses in southwest San Antonio.

In the early afternoon, Angelita Olvera, who lives nearby, has left two candles and two wooden crosses adorned with artificial flowers at the site where the vehicle was abandoned. For her it was important to pay tribute to the deceased.

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On the side of the road, a yellow ribbon stretched across the dry grass reminds us that the place had been a scene of investigation until a few minutes ago.

Jesus Thompson, 60, lives just across the train track. Despite the heat, he has gone to the scene to remember the victims and also to send a message to the migrants.

“People from Mexico and Guatemala come here to seek the American dream,” he said. “I would tell the people who are there and who are fleeing that they think about it before coming here, because there is a tremendous risk and especially now that the weather is very hot”.


Trucks like the one found in Saint Anthony They are a means of transport widely used by migrants who want to enter USA. The journey is extremely dangerous, because these vehicles often lack air conditioning.

On June 14, border guards found some 80 migrants hidden in the back of a truck during a routine inspection near the border city of Laredo.

In July 2017, ten dead migrants were found in an overheated trailer in a supermarket parking lot near San Antonio. The truck driver was sentenced to life in prison.

Pope Francis expressed his “pain” for the migrant tragedies, referring to this drama and the death of at least 23 migrants last week who tried to enter the Spanish enclave of Melilla.

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