Nibaldo Villegas case: Court of San Miguel declares Johanna Hernández as an “unworthy” person, so she will not be able to apply for benefits from her ex-husband

The case of the teacher Nibaldo Villegaskilled by his ex-wife, Johanna Hernandez, follows its judicial course. This after the 1st Civil Court of San Miguel declared the convicted of the crime of parricide as an “unworthy” person, therefore he will not be eligible for benefits from his ex-partner, such as bonuses delivered by the State.

It should be noted that Hernández requested in June 2021 the Emergency Family Income (IFE) for the children of Professor Villegas, which would correspond to the amount of $1,400,000. Given this, the defense attorney for Alexander Villegas -Nibaldo’s son- filed a request to deny said benefit. The woman has not returned the money.

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“The demand for a declaration of unworthiness to succeed is accepted. Consequently, the defendant, Mrs. Johanna del Carmen Hernández Vicuña, is declared unworthy to succeed Mr. Nibaldo Villegas Gutiérrez,” says the Court’s ruling.

In turn, women are also urged “to restore the inheritance of Mr. Nibaldo Villegas, with his accessions and fruits, to the plaintiff”, and that “the defendant is not ordered to pay the costs for being deprived of liberty”.

Faced with this ruling, the professor’s brother, Leandro Villegas, described it as a “relief”, specifying in 24 hours that the case serve as a precedent for “show this type of errors that exist in the legislation, because a person who does not carry out this procedure in five years loses all rights and the murderer is going to keep everything”.

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