The normalization of the service advances, after the massive power outage

The normalization of the service advances, after the massive power outage

Photo: Pablo Añeli

Acorte of light that affected more than 700,000 users this Tuesday of the northern area of ​​the metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires (AMBA), which endured temperatures above 40 degrees, was caused by a failure in the installations of the High Voltage network in the area of ​​Costa Esperanza, in the area of ​​San Martín, According to a preliminary report, while the normalization of the service progressed towards dusk this Tuesday.

Previously, at 8:54 p.m. and through his Twitter account, Edenor had reported: “We have already normalized the network affected by the high voltage event and we continue working on the replacement of specific cases that are without service.”

Hours before, Edenor had specified that 80% of those affected since Tuesday at noon by power outages had already recovered the electricity supply while they continued “working for the total normalization of the service.”

Photo Pablo Aeli
Photo: Pablo Añeli

In its Twitter account, the company pointed out that the failure caused by the massive outage “is associated with the start-up process of the thermal power plant generators, which are currently underway.”

In the afternoon of this Tuesday, Electricity Regulatory Body (ENRE), had communicated that “some 700,000 users” were affected by the power outages.

The agency confirmed that at 1:14 p.m. there was “the High Voltage Line 46 disconnection that links the Morón Transformer Station with the Malaver Transformer Station “.

Photo Pablo Aeli
Photo: Pablo Añeli

In this way, he indicated, an underfrequency in the system that triggered the disengagement of the Central Puerto NPUETV06, PNUETV09 and CEPUTG12 machines with 235/235/210 MW “.

Likewise, the ENRE reported that at 1:28 p.m. the disconnection of the high voltage Line 48 took place, it links the same Transformer Stations as the LAT46, maintaining the underfrequency in the system and producing the disconnection of the Central Puerto machines Number CEPUTG11 / TV10 with 210/90 MW.

According to a preliminary report, the cause is caused by a failure in the high voltage lines in the Costa Esperanza area of ​​the San Martín area.

“At the moment Central Puerto is carrying out the start-up tasks of CEPUTG12, in order to start the normalization of supply,” said Enre.

Dario Martinez Federico Basualdo and Fernando Bonnet toured Central Puerto
Dario Martinez, Federico Basualdo and Fernando Bonnet toured Central Puerto.

For his part, the Secretary of Energy, Dario Martinez, and the Undersecretary of Electric Power, Federico Basualdo, they toured Central Puerto together with Fernando Bonnet (general manager), to control the reestablishment operations of the plant, in order to regain service as soon as possible after the interruption caused by the fire on the 220 Kv Moron-Malavar line and thus continue to normalize the service to those who suffered cuts this Tuesday during the noon and afternoon of this Tuesday, it was reported from that portfolio.

The most affected points

Meanwhile, the Edenor company said in a statement that “the failures produced a disturbance that initially affected the service in some areas of the districts of Tigre, San Fernando, San Martin and later there were service outputs of generating machines from the Nuevo Puerto power plant “.

“Much of the northern corridor of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and the suburbs were affected,” he said.

The company said that it began “normalization maneuvers that will be staggered and it is expected to gradually restore the service in the next two hours,” which, according to the distributor, was completed shortly before 9:00 p.m.

The interruption of the service affected the Buenos Aires neighborhoods of Belgrano, Nuñez, Palermo, Recoleta, Colegiales, Villa Urquiza, Villa Pueyrredón, Agronomy, Versalles, Villa Santa Rita, Villa del Parque.

Also to the municipalities of Vicente López, Tigre, Pilar, Tres de Febrero, Lomas de Zamora, San Martín, General Rodríguez and Morón, according to the complaints made by users of these points on social networks.

The service was interrupted after the electricity demand exceeded 27,000 MW and when it was about to break a new consumption record.

Dario Martinez Federico Basualdo and Fernando Bonnet toured Central Puerto
Dario Martinez, Federico Basualdo and Fernando Bonnet toured Central Puerto.

It was just two weeks after the previous peak of 27,088 MW, which happened at 2:28 p.m. on December 29, with an average temperature of 31.7 ° C.

There were also complications with the traffic lights and with the flights at Jorge Newbery Airport.

The high temperatures that are projected for the entire week, until the relief of the rains arrives on Sunday, suggests that energy consumption will be very high during the next few days, taking the system to the limit.

Distributors advise setting the air conditioning to 24 degrees for a more balanced consumption and alternate it with a fan, which consumes up to 12 times less. They also advise closing doors and windows, to prevent the entry of air from outside into the air-conditioned environment; the use of curtains, eaves or awnings on the windows, which helps reduce energy consumption to air-condition an environment.

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