The next challenge in advertising: El Observador presents the new digital trends

The next challenge in advertising: El Observador presents the new digital trends

By the end of 2023, 65% of all advertising investment will be directed to the digital area, according to Statista. That is why brands face the challenge of understanding where to direct efforts to capitalize on the best results.

To think and rethink these issues, El Observador organizes a conference to be held on May 11 at 8:30 at Sofitel Montevideo. References from the advertising industry and prominent business leaders will present the digital trends that prevail in marketing, advertising and audiences.

The meeting will feature the participation of Augusto Salvatto, an expert in innovation, artificial intelligence (AI) and future skills. Salvatto is coordinator of the “Discovering Data Science” and “Data & AI Strategy” program at the University of San Andrés; he is also co-author of the best seller “The Battle of the Future.”

Salvatto will offer an inspiring talk on artificial intelligence, the future and the evolution of the professions. In this sense, the expert projects that in the near future advertising will migrate, almost entirely, to the digital environment.

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The evolution of a leading medium

For his part, Alejandro Lladó, director of Medcom, will refer to the global growth trend of the digital world and the importance of brands being present in this ecosystem. In Lladó’s vision, the key to digital growth lies in understanding the language and format of each platform and always drawing up a strategy hand in hand with brands.

Gastón Serralta, CEO and strategic director of Dosunos, an expert consultancy in digital media, He will expose the strategic planning of the company he directs. Serralta has vast experience in transforming media through actions with direct results. The CEO will share some cases that reflect the main challenges of today and the best strategies to face them successfully.

The commercial manager of El Observador, Juan José Borrelli, and the Marketing and Innovation manager, Cecilia Camors, will participate in the meeting.

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