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The New Santa Cruz, a renewing space for urban development

The New Santa Cruz, a renewing space for urban development

March 26, 2023, 6:00 AM

March 26, 2023, 6:00 AM

The designed roads and the first constructions show what will be the New Smart Santa Cruz, a space that is promoted as the new hub for urban developmentlocated in the metropolitan ring of the Santa Cruz region.

Yesterday the sale of the closed condominium lands that are being built in this new city, located on 6,000 hectares, and located in a strategic point of the north zone, 10 minutes from Porongo, 20 minutes from downtown from the capital of Santa Cruz, seven minutes from the Cambódromo and five minutes from the Viru Viru international airport. In addition, it will have connections with the railway.

Julio Novillo, president of the Lafuente Business Group and promoter of the new city, said that all the people who come to inhabit Nueva Santa Cruz will have an excellent quality of life and opportunities to grow as a family.

“They have to live with all the comforts and services. To improve this, we have to put passion into it and be involved in such a way that a new idea always occurs to us to be able to translate it for the benefit of all the families that come to live in this city,” said the businessman.

The sale of the lots began with benefits and facilities, so that all interested parties can agree to have their own plot of land in a modern city, with an initial fee of $us 500, with direct financing and monthly installments.

Javier Giménez, general manager of Keypoint of the Americas and spokesperson for Nueva Santa Cruz, pointed out that those who acquire these lands will do so in very important strategic areas, such as a new international fair ground, a modern soccer stadium with capacity for 40,000 spectators , a modern arena for shows, a theme park, a water park and an eco-park, as well as universities and colleges.

“This is not an urbanization or condominium, it is a 6,000-hectare city that has been planned in macro blocks so that foreign, national and local investors can join in so that together with them we can work on the development of the city.”

He added that work is now being done to complete the first 11 condominium towers, out of a total of 22to house the first 1,700 families that will live in Nueva Santa Cruz in 2024.

He also highlighted that Nueva Santa Cruz, in addition to being a smart city, is a green city because 57% of the 6,000 hectares are green areasthis with the aim of creating a harmonious environment with nature.

Other features
The new city will also have all the amenities to live in a harmonious, comfortable and safe way, with the projection of becoming the strategic center of the largest commercial, logistics, tourist, sports and business activity in Latin America.

The roads are also designed with cycle paths throughout the city, with controlled access 30 kilometers long, wide pedestrian walkways and currently already has more than 20 sports fields built and four modern viaducts.

Transportation in the city will be in metrosmart buses, unique in Bolivia, which began operating on Saturday to transfer daily, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., people interested in acquiring their land in closed condominiums or apartments, the Their departures will be from the Ciudad Nueva Santa Cruz offices, located on Avenida Cristo Redentor, between the fourth and fifth rings.

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