Today is the Day commemorates the 55th anniversary of the murder of student Edson Luís

Today is the Day commemorates the 55th anniversary of the murder of student Edson Luís

He was 17 years old and was killed by the Military Police in 1968, at the Calabouço restaurant, during a student protest against high meal prices and the poor quality of the food at the student restaurant. On March 28th, the 55th anniversary of the murder of high school student Edson Luís Lima Souto, considered one of the landmarks of repression of the military dictatorship that prevailed in the country between 1964 and 1985. Today is the Day commemorates the 55th anniversary of the murder of student Edson Luís

The wake and burial of Edson Luís became a political act, and he became a symbol of the student movement and the fight for democracy. Find out in this episode History Today:

The program On the Trail of Historyfrom the National Radio, he has already addressed Brazil in 1968, and, of course, he spoke about the murder of Edson Luís:

day of artistic expressions

What can circus, theater and graffiti have in common? In addition to being artistic expressions, these three manifestations share the same day in the ephemeris calendar: it is the 27th of March, which became the National Circus Day, the World Theater Day and the National Graffiti Day.

It was on the 27th of March that the clown Abelardo Pinto was born – better known as Piolin. The story of the pioneering defender of the circus arts, who grew up in the circus, learned from juggling to contortionism and became a clown, is repeated in several other lives linked to the circus – as the episode tells circus lifefrom the documentary series circuses, available at TV Brazil Play. Circus people talk about itinerancy, coexistence, respect, the transmission of knowledge, the next generations, the difficulties they face and the direction of the circus:

For those who want to immerse themselves in the circus universe, the TV Brazil Play also makes available the program clowning, with performances by the children’s most beloved characters: pirouette, marmalade, clowning, acrobatics, juggling, storytelling, musical numbers, jokes and lots of magic. And still have the Mirage Circus Specialwith a complete performance of a circus show that gives the episode its name.

The theater, also celebrated worldwide this Monday (27), is the theme of several programs available at TV Brazil Play. O short season exhibits theatrical plays and interviews with members of the plays. In Acts, Interpretation students interview renowned actors about the actor’s training process and play small theater games. puppet theater brings a collection of puppet theater performances, with different techniques and languages. To close the list of recommendations has the Theaters in Brazilwhich, in addition to showing the physical spaces, from north to south of the country, where the performance takes place, rescues images, testimonials, architecture and the great shows that took place there.

And graffiti, whose day is a tribute to Alex Vallauri, who died on March 27, 1987 and the first to bring art to city walls, was the subject of an episode of Reporting Pathsfrom the TV Brazil:

space pioneer

Also on the 27th, the 55th anniversary of the death of Russian cosmonaut Iuri Gagarin, the first man to orbit the planet, in 1961, will be completed. He died at the age of 34, in an air accident. This report from Reporter Brazilfrom the TV Brazilwhich aired when Gagarin’s historic flight turned 60, features footage of his wake – and the commotion caused by his early departure:

And 50 years ago, Marlon Brando turned down the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in The Godfather. After his name was announced, activist Shasheen Littlefeather took the stage representing the actor, refused to accept the statuette and warned that Brando was declining the honor in protest of the treatment given to North American indigenous peoples in cinema and television.

In the speech read by the activist, Brando also drew attention to the claims of the Oglala people in the Wounded Knee region, in the state of South Dakota, which, months after protests, would be repressed by police forces. O History Today told details of the recognized performance, but never awarded, by Marlon Brando in The Godfather:

April Fools’ Day

Closing the week, the first day of April is known around the world as April Fools’ Day. It is not known where the custom of telling lies and playing pranks on this day comes from, but the most widespread version is related to the change of the calendar, in 1582.

A Brazil Agency note that here the tradition was introduced in 1828, with the Minas Gerais print “A Mentira”, which brought, in its first edition, published on April 1st, the news of the death of Dom Pedro I on the cover. Of course it wasn’t true. O History Today tells how April Fools Day is remembered around the world:

Check out the weekly list* of Today is the Day with dates, historical facts and holidays:

March 26 to April 1, 2023


Death of French actress Sarah Bernhardt (100 years old) – one of the most famous actresses in history. She visited Brazil four times, part of them during the reign of D. Pedro II


Birth of television presenter Maria da Graça Meneghel, better known as Xuxa (60 years old)

Death of Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin (55 years old) – first man to go into space, in 1961

Marlon Brando Turns Down Best Actor Oscar for The Godfather (50 Years)

Use of Viagra is approved in the United States (25 years)

Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León discovers Florida (510 years old)

National Circus Day

world theater day

National Digital Inclusion Day – unofficial date

Graffiti Day – date in honor of the graffiti pioneer in Brazil, Alex Vallauri, who died on March 27, 1987


The film classic The Birds, by Alfred Hitchcock (60 years old) released in the United States

Murder of high school student Edson Luís by the Military Police, during a student demonstration at the Calabouço restaurant (55 years old)

Designer’s Day

Proofreader’s Day


Birth of Greek musician Vangelis (80 years old)

Murder of the girl Isabella Nardoni (15 years old)


Birth of Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh (170 years old)


Birth of American politician Albert Arnold Gore Jr., better known as Al Gore (age 75)


Birth of French sociologist Roger Bastide (125 years old)

Foundation of the company Teatro de Arena, in the city of São Paulo (65 years)

April Fools’ Day

*The dates are selected by the Ephemeris Project research team, from the Collection Management of Empresa Brasil de Comunicação (EBC), which brings themes related to culture, history, science and personalities, always highlighting national and regional landmarks. The Collection Management also responds to research requests from the external public. Just send an email to [email protected].

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