The Nation's gross debt was reduced by $7.5 trillion in March

The Nation’s gross debt was reduced by $7.5 trillion in March

At the end of March, the gross debt of the Central National Government was $727.6 billion, a figure that represented a slight reduction (-1%) compared to the balance reported for the month of February 2022, when it amounted to $735.1 billion.

(Colombia’s total external debt represents 50% of GDP).

According to information released by the Ministry of Finance, for In the third month of the year, the internal debt stood at $453.228 billion, being 62.3% of the total debt, and the external debt reached $274.3 billion.the remaining 37.7% of the total gross debt.

Expressed in dollars, the external debt amounts to US$73,193 million, and represents 20.8% of the GDP projected for 2022, while the internal debt stands at 34.4% of the GDP and amounts to US$120,937 million.

(The total foreign debt of the country represents 51% of GDP).

Due to the denomination of the debt, 36.7% is acquired in foreign currency, for a total of US$71,333 million. 33.3% of the total gross debt is in dollars, which represents US$64,684 million, and the other 3.4% in euros.

Another 44.2% of the debt is in Colombian pesos, with $314.4 billion in internal debt and US$1,860 million of debt in the case of external commitments, while the other 19.1% of the total is in Real Value Units. (UVR) in Colombian pesos, equivalent to $314.4 billion.


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