The National Tourist Intelligence System will be created to “improve planning” of the sector

The Executive Power presented this Friday the draft law of Accountability. In the document the creation of the National Tourist Intelligence System (SNIT) is plannedunder the orbit of the National Directorate of Tourism of the Ministry of Tourism (Mintur).

The objective of the system created is “to contribute to the improvement of the strategic planning processes of the entire sector”. At this point, emphasis will be placed on the emerging tourist destinations of the country, the report added.

Another of the purposes of the SNIT is “collect, organize and analyze different sources of information”which will translate into “dynamic dashboards and reports, adapted to the needs of users and making it possible to download them,” adds article 231 of the Accountability Bill, one of the three that make up the subsection corresponding to the portfolio directed by Tabaré Viera.

The treatment of the data that make up this system “will be protected by statistical secrecy”, which points to the reservation of private data, it is added.

The National Tourist Intelligence System will be created to "improve planning" of the sector

Photo: Leonardo Carreno.

The Minister of Economy, Azucena Arbeleche, presented the Accountability.

On the other hand, article 232 endows the program “Strengthening the productive base of goods and services” with $4,345,195, an amount that is resigned from the program “Chains of values ​​that are drivers of growth” for seasonal contracts, bonuses and legal charges.

In the last article that makes up the paragraph of the Mintur (233), $ 4,066,250 are transferred from the “Growth Engine Value Chains” program to the “Strengthening of the productive base of goods and services”, planned for “Special Compensation for meeting specific conditions”, Christmas bonus and legal charges.

Tourism for the balance of services

As developed in the explanatory statement, tourism was relevant in the trade balance of serviceswhich registered a surplus of US$ 348 million in 2022. “Exports of services were strongly increased after the recovery of tourist activity once the health emergency ended in April 2022,” the document detailed. To this must be added the growth of exports (47%) compared to that of imports (38%). In turn, the telecommunications, computing and information sectors also played a significant role in the balance of services.

On the other hand, the Technological University of Uruguay (UTEC) launched new courses, among which was the Diploma in Digital Tools for Tourism. “Sustainable tourism” initiatives were also carried out during the past year.

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