Ministry of Defense confirms death of one of the pilots of the sukhoi crash

A Sukhoi 30 Mk2 Flanker aircraft crashed, in the Cristóbal Rojas municipality of Miranda state, during the military practices of the July 5 parade for the celebration of Independence Day in Venezuela

A Sukhoi 30 Mk2 Flanker aircraft, acronym 3363, crashed this Sunday, July 2, in the Cristóbal Rojas municipality of Miranda state, near Maitana, in Valles del Tuy.

The crew members were identified as Colonel Paulino Sabino and Lieutenant Colonel Sergio Hernández. Subsequently, it was known that Colonel Sabino died. In this sense, the Minister of Defense, G/J Vladimir Padrino López, issued a statement in which he ratified the plane crash.

The statement indicated that the Sukhoi in which they were flying crashed to the ground in the Maitana sector of the Paracotos municipality. Similarly, it points out that the investigative board has already been activated to determine what happened.

President Nicolás Maduro sent his condolences to the relatives of Colonel Paulino Millán Sabino and indicated that Lieutenant Colonel Sergio Hernández, who was flying with Colonel Millán Sabino, was transferred to a health center and is being treated by doctors from the National Armed Forces. .

In addition, it ordered the corresponding investigation to determine the causes of the accident with the Sukhoi.

A report by journalist Delmiro De Barrio indicated that the pilots had ejected and that they are between the Cortada de Maturín and the Cortada del Guayabo, along the old highway of Miranda state. Search and rescue units are already on the scene.

The Russian-made plane crashed to the ground during military practices for the July 5 parade for Venezuela’s Independence Day celebration.

Claims in the FAN are not new

On February 22, the NGO Control Ciudadano demanded that the National Armed Forces (FAN) report the causes of the accident of the Mi-17V5 helicopter acronym 0764 of the Army, which occurred a year ago in the state of Lara.

Control Ciudadano recalled that, according to a statement issued by the military office, the pilot, Major José Antonio Salinas Vásquez, and the co-pilot, Captain Willver Osvaldo Sumoza Dobront, were injured in the incident, while third-class sergeant major Dervis Eligio Sánchez Medina died and second sergeant Angela José García Perdomo.

In this sense, Citizen Control emphasized that since 2008 there have been seven accidents with the FAN Mi-17-V5 helicopter system, acquired by Venezuela as part of the technical-military cooperation agreements with Russia, with a balance of 47 deaths and 7 injuries. These accidents have been registered in Amazonas, Caracas, Táchira, Apure; Yaracuy and Lara.

In addition, the NGO pointed out that, in 2022, military aircraft accidents in the country increased: Four air accidents, with a balance of 8 military personnel killed, without the causes ever being officially known.

“The causes of accidents with FAN aircraft are never reported,” the organization stressed.

Sinister with military casualties

On November 6, 2022, five soldiers from the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FAN) died when the plane they were traveling in crashed to the ground in an unpopulated sector of the state of Amazonas (south). The information was released by the region’s governor, Miguel Rodríguez.

“Sadness overwhelms us, today an aircraft from group (air transport) 9, of the Bolivarian Aviation, fell to the ground and unfortunately there were no survivors,” said the governor on his Instagram account, where he shared images in which see firefighters and Search and Rescue Service officials at the scene of the accident.

Rodríguez sent his condolences to the members of the FANB, friends and relatives for this event, of which the causes are unknown.

In this sense, the NGO Control Ciudadano indicated in a press release that the plane crashed to the ground at 07:30 in the morning, when military officials were training to qualify for the C-208B system.

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