The National Political Council of the PRI supports "Alito" Moreno before audios

The National Political Council of the PRI supports “Alito” Moreno before audios

Those are “money laundering classes,” the brunette titled her, who in recent weeks has released three other audios in which Moreno allegedly talks about illegal contributions to political campaigns and the life of luxury that apparently surrounds him.

Given this, the PRI Political Council, the main governing body of that party, was summoned to make incorporations, but above all to approve an agreement “against political persecution” and another to demand that the federal government “stop intervening” in the elections. this Sunday June 5th.

That Council, and in the morning the plenary session of the Permanent Conference of Political Parties of Latin America and the Caribbean (COPPPAL) had Moreno Cárdenas, known as “Alito”, as the central character.

The Council closed ranks around its leader Moreno Cárdenas, whom he saw as being at personal risk, along with his family. Meanwhile, COPPPAL appointed him as its president for the 2022-2026 period.

In the approved document it was stated: “we endorse the support for Alejandro Moreno against political persecution, defamation and the media war for having bravely opposed the electricity reform.”

In addition, the militants were called “to preserve internal unity.”

At the event, a video was broadcast with the audio recorded by Moreno himself of his conversation with the leader of the senators of the Green Party (PVEM), Manuel Velasco, in which he allegedly transmitted the threat to vote in favor of the electricity reform. : “that if you didn’t pull, they were going to leave with everything”.

In support of Moreno, the federal deputy Augusto Gómez Villanueva assured: “they have raged against our president.” “Let’s not be scared of the dirty war,” he added.

“In the midst of this cyber storm, you have written pages of dignity,” he told his leader.

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