“I was born to be free”, the virtual concert that will expose the cruelty of the Nicaraguan regime

“I was born to be free”, the virtual concert that will expose the cruelty of the Nicaraguan regime

The Be Human platform launched an international campaign called “I was born to be free” in solidarity with political prisoners and their families. As part of the initiative, they will hold a virtual concert that will bring together the voices of Central American artists and world personalities. The event will have an international audience and will be broadcast by dozens of organizations and media

“Their relatives (of the political prisoners), sons and daughters, sent emotional messages to their relatives and parents who are in the cells of the Ortega-Murillo regime, these will be presented during the special broadcast. His relatives responded to the questions: What do you miss most about your imprisoned relative? What will you tell her when you see her free? », Says the call.

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Artists and personalities from around the world will join the virtual concert with messages of solidarity for the hostages of the dictatorship. Among them are the Uruguayan singer Jorge Drexler; the NBA player, Enes Freedom; the Spanish singer Pedro Guerra, the director for the Americas of Amnesty International, Erika Guevara Rosas; and the Nicaraguan opponent and national baseball star Denis Martínez.

“Everyone connect on June 4 at 7 pm Nicaragua time, participate in this musical and poetic effort in solidarity with political prisoners and their families. Give love, give hugs with your presence », said the Nicaraguan poet Gioconda Belli in her invitation to the event through her social networks.

The Nicaraguan composer Mario Ruiz, composer of several songs that talk about the 2018 crisis, will launch the song entitled “Sé Humano”, a song from the campaign that will premiere at the virtual concert next Saturday.

For the vocalist, the most important thing about the concert is “to make people visible in some way and remind them that our political prisoners, unfortunately, still continue to suffer the conditions that the dictatorship gives them,” Ruiz said from exile.

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The purpose of the concert is “to cause an impact and sensitize the national and international audience to continue pressuring Daniel Ortega’s regime so that people deprived of their liberty receive the humanitarian treatment they deserve and are immediately released, since their lives are in danger.” » declared Be Human in a press release.

During the concert, “(the) international personalities will join the demand of the relatives and friends of the political prisoners to demand that Daniel Ortega stop the torture, respect their human rights and release them immediately,” they add. The concert will be broadcast this June 4, through the Facebook page of Be Humans Nicaragua.

The relatives of the more than 180 political prisoners of the dictatorship have denounced cruel treatment and situations of torture, assuring that Ortega intends to “wear down, exterminate or disable” the inmates. In turn, they have asked the international community to promote “all possible actions to achieve the immediate, absolute and guaranteed freedom of our loved ones.”

They ask that the regime be demanded to “safeguard and protect their lives and integrity, given the situation of extreme gravity and risk in which the detainees find themselves”. They assure that the situation of their relatives “with the passage of time, the extreme deterioration in the physical and emotional health of our imprisoned relatives, both in the Penitentiary Systems and in the Directorate of Judicial Assistance, has consistently worsened.”

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