The “most dangerous” of the Las Londras kidnappers seeks to be released this Friday

The “most dangerous” of the Las Londras kidnappers seeks to be released this Friday

Paulino Camacho Vedia, one of the armed individuals who participated in the violent kidnapping of 17 people in Las Londras, seeks to be free in a virtual appeal hearing which will take place at 3:00 p.m. this Friday. For the victims and the Police, the accused is the most dangerous of those accused of the violent act.

The legal defense of the accused seeks to undermine the procedural risks: escape and obstruction, for which the Guarayos judge Roberto Cruz Hurtado Roca ordered his preventive detention in Palmasola on February 13.

The detainee is being prosecuted for the crimes of attempted homicide, serious and minor injuries, deprivation of liberty, aggravated robbery, possession, possession or illicit carrying of a firearm and threats, as well as Hebert Sixto Canaza Sacaca, who is the second detainee in the Londras case.

Raquel Guerrero, a lawyer for the kidnapped journalists, indicated that was notified this afternoon for the hearing in the morning. He informed that it will be Judge Hurtado himself, who will conduct the appeal hearing.

For the lawyer, There are no arguments for Paulino Camacho to be released, since he was identified thanks to a film of one of the six journalists kidnapped on October 28 on private property in the municipality of El Puente. In that video he is seen wearing a cap, a blue shirt and a rifle in his hands, with which he aimed at the victims.

“The apprehended is the one pointing the firearm at journalist Percy Suárez, from ATB, to take away his camera and thus prevent him from continuing to record his accomplices when they fired shots at the vans in which the victims were transported,” said the journalists’ lawyer, Raquel Guerrero, in contact with EL DEBER.

He escaped shooting from the police

As a result of that filming, the Special Force to Fight Crime (Felcc) managed to identify Paulino Camacho and the Prosecutor’s Office issued a warrant against him on November 3 of last year. On the 24th of that same monthpolice officers carried out an operation in San Julián to capture those involved in the kidnapping in Las Londras and the only one to be arrested was Sixto Canaza, who is being held preventively in Palmasola.

On that occasion Paulino was handcuffed by police officers, but in an “inexplicable” way he managed to get away. According to the police report, the accused, realizing that they were looking for him, boarded his Toyota Rav4 van and in his escape he almost ran over the prosecutor Roberto Ruiz and the investigators of the Special Force to Fight Crime (Felcc). He even collided with police vehicles to escape. But, the most alarming thing was that he fired shots into the air and against the motorized troops.

“The information we have from the same prosecutors assigned to the case is that they were intimidatedthey would have fired shots into the air and received (projectiles) their motorizedyes These shots were (carried out) by the people who managed to escape (…) Paulino is the name of one of those who fired the shots,” explained Róger Mariaca, departmental prosecutor of Santa Cruz, at that time.

Hours later, Paulino Camacho, taking advantage of his peasant leadership, commanded a group of neighbors to deprive of liberty and lock up a Highway Police sergeant and Colonel Nicanor Corcuy, commander of San Julián, in a cell.

Paulino Camacho was arrested on March 11 near the Bimodal terminal

The group led by Paulino demanded the release of Sixto Canaza and that the arrest operations cease to free the two police officers who were locked up in a police station. About this fact, Colonel Corcuy submitted a report to the Santa Cruz Police Command in which he points to Paulino as the ringleader of the events and describes him as a person reluctant to negotiate, since he was haughty.

Not getting what he asked for, Paulino dHe decided to give a press conference on the afternoon of November 24 last year to denounce that he was a victim of police abuse and indicate that “they tried to arrest him by force” without showing him an arrest warrant against him.

“They surprised me, they tried to take me by force. It remains to be investigated whether that action is something legal, whether he really had an arrest warrant or not, because you know (he tells the journalist) that the media always talk (about the case), but they never take my name out, “he said on that occasion. .

After this background, the lawyer Raquel Guerrero commented that Paulino Camacho is even more dangerous than Sixto Canaza, since pointed out that he was the person who was most aggressive with the 17 victims (six journalists, three police officers and eight civilians) during the kidnapping recorded on October 28, 2021.

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