The Ministry of the Interior announced the placement of 2,000 cameras in neighborhoods affected by the increase in homicides

The Ministry of the Interior announced the placement of 2,000 cameras in neighborhoods affected by the increase in homicides

Interior Minister Luis Alberto Heber announced the placement of 2,000 video surveillance cameras in operational zones III and IVinvolving neighborhoods that have seen an increase in homicides of late.

The announcement was made at a press conference. where last quarter crime figures were announced.

Operational Zone III comprises the neighborhoods of Peñarol, Paso de las Duranas, Lavalleja Sur, Cerrito, Aires Puros, Brazo Oriental, Casavalle, Marconi, Las Acacias, Manga, Puntas del Miguelete, Las Quintas, Barrio Santa María, Settlement 21 de Enero , Maroñas, Flor de Maroñas, Ituzaingó, Punta de Rieles, Piedras Blancas, Bella Italia, among others.

Operational Zone IV constitutes the area of ​​Cerro, La Teja, Paso de la Arena, Pajas Blancas, Nuevo París, Colón, Lezica, Abayubá, Melilla and Conciliación, among others.

Heber had advanced on September 22, in a meeting with residents of the Peñarol neighborhood, that his portfolio intended to put 2,000 new cameras in Montevideo to combat crime.

“Our aspiration is to put out a tender as soon as possible to put 2,000 more cameras in Montevideo in these areas”Heber pointed out in that meeting registered by MVD News (TV City).

Heber declared to the press at that time that at first they were not placed because they were vandalized a lot. In this case, the idea is “that they look at each other” and described them as “anti-vandalism”. “If we have to put a few more pesos, we are going to put them,” she had added.

The hierarch had said that the installation of the cameras had been “very small.” Today there are 4,000 in all of Montevideo.

The meeting was held at that time after a call from the neighbors concerned about valencia that has manifested in the neighborhood in recent days.

This Tuesday the Ministry of the Interior announced the crime figures for the last quarter. homicides grew 17.2% in the third quarter of 2022 (from July to September)in comparison with the same period of the previous yearreported the Ministry of Interior based on figures from the National Observatory on Violence and Crime.

In this comparison, the thefts and robberies decreased 6.3%, while the domestic violence and the rustling fell 0.9% and 12%, respectively.

Regarding the increase in murders, the minister indicated that the portfolio has “indications” to indicate that the increase is related to “people who are linked to crime” in “the territorial dispute that occurs in Montevideo”, and that 75% of these are linked “to crime” and not “to drug trafficking.”

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