OMSA Director urges drivers to act prudently

OMSA Director urges drivers to act prudently

Santo Domingo.- The Metropolitan Bus Services Office (OMSA) celebrated this Tuesday, November 15, Driver’s Day with the talk “Drivers of Life.”

A talk given by the psychologist Amaurys Ramírez, who emphasized that each user is a life, he is a human being, so you have to take care of him and treat him affably and put yourself in his shoes.

In the same way, he invited them to put their heart into what they do and reflect on the time they spend driving the bus, highlighting that this is their second home, so they must take care of and keep the assigned units in good condition, just as they do at home.

Prior to the talk, the general director of OMSA, Radhamés González, in addition to congratulating the drivers on their day, motivated them to continue giving their best in the exercise of their duties, because today they are drivers, but tomorrow they can be directors.

Likewise, he invited them to prudence, to act well, so that they can be a positive influence for other drivers who only think about arriving at one time and leaving at another, so that together we can achieve the goal of improving the quality of the transportation service of the OMSA.

In a second moment, the public transport entity recognized 40 drivers and 25 cashiers for their dedication, effort, discipline and high performance in carrying out their daily tasks within the entity.

The act of distinction included the participation of the deputy director, Rafael García; the director of Human Resources, Gilberto Zorrilla; the Director of Operations, Alberto Lara; the Administrative Director, Alex Vilorio; the director of the OMSA in Santiago, Tony Bueno; Ana Marte, office coordinator, among others

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