The Minister of the Environment updated the situation of the lack of water and how much the rains helped

The environment minister, Robert Bouvieracknowledged that even though the rainy that fell in the last days “they have given a break” to the drought that the country suffers “This is not why the situation is no longer critical.”

“We all know the crisis we are going through. We are still complicated”said the minister in a press conference consigned by Telemundo (Channel 12).

At present, the government is “analyzing” the reservoirs that the country has, and “alternatives that OSE is proposing” such as the “perforations” in different parts of the capital, which is supplied with water with more sodium and chlorides weeks ago due to the current shortage.

Bouvier remarked that these perforations they are not carried out directly to “aquifers”which “are a reserve” available to the country, but rather They look for points with water “in places close to institutions” of health that require potable water.

OSE drilled near the Municipal Velodrome, the Parque Batlle Athletics Track and the Military Hospital. In the last one, he found a flow of drinkable water of 2,000 liters per hour with which it will supply that health center if necessary.

On the other hand, the minister was asked how he analyzed the proposal of his predecessor, today senator Adrián Peña, who spoke of the possibility of charge a Canyon to companies that are large consumers of water. I haven’t had a chance to talk to him. If you send us the proposal, we will be analyzing it,” Bouvier replied.

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