"The military do not take to the streets because they feel like it," specialists contradict Alberto Otárola

“The military do not take to the streets because they feel like it,” specialists contradict Alberto Otárola

José Robles Montoya, former Vice Minister of Defense Policies; General EP (r) Leonardo Longa López, former General Commander of the Vraem Special Command; and the constitutionalist Omar Cairo Roldán analyze the declarations of the prime minister, Alberto Otárolaabout his performance during the repression of the protests that caused 48 deaths.

In statements to the Prosecutor’s Office investigating the death of 48 civilians due to gunshot wounds of the Peruvian Army and the National Policehe Prime Minister, Alberto Otárola, demarcated responsibility and attributed to the military and police chiefs the results of the operational plans that they prepared and executed during the demonstrations against the Government of Dina Boluartea.

“Nor, I (was) not informed about the plans of operations. I reiterate that what we ministers were informed about was the result of the actions of the Armed forces in support of the National Police, but not about the operational plans because the direction and execution of the operational plans does not correspond to the Minister of Defense,” Otárola explained to prosecutors Edwin Núñez Cancino and Jesús Camacho Laura who questioned him on January 23 and February 16th.

The head of the PCM even said that he was unaware of the use of firearms during the repression of the protests in Andahuaylas, Ayacucho, Juliaca, Pichanaki and Arequipaamong other towns where deaths were recorded from the use of Galil and AKM rifles, which are officially used by the Army and the National Police.

“I don’t know that information. Precisely, that is a matter of investigation ”, the prime minister pointed out to the prosecutors.

Responsible. Alberto Otárola. For a former Vice Minister of Defense, a former EP General Commander and an expert on constitutional issues, he has political responsibility for recent events. Photo: diffusion

“A political decision”

Former Vice Minister of Defense Policies José Robles Montoya pointed out that there is responsibility on the part of Alberto Otárola.

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