Imponen prisión preventiva a uno de los implicados en asesinato pareja de La Guáyiga

Preventive detention is imposed on one of those involved in the murder of a couple from La Guáyiga

Judge Leomar Quezada, from the Santo Domingo Oeste Permanent Attention Services Judicial Office, ordered one year of preventive detention against one of the defendants for criminal association for committing the murder of the spouses Luis Miguel Jáquez Rodríguez and Elizabeth Almarante Pacheco, who resided in the La Guáyiga sector.

The court measure was imposed against José Alfredo Ventura Tupete, who must comply with the provision at the Najayo Hombres Correction and Rehabilitation Center.

Likewise, accepting the request of the Public Ministry, the judicial instance declared the complexity of the case due to the plurality of the accused and that it was an act of organized crime.

On the other hand, the chief prosecutor in charge, Edward López, indicated that the accused Dylan Alberto Ortiz is expected to be extradited to the country in the coming days, so that he can answer to the authorities for his involvement in the process.

Also linked in the case are the fugitives Dylan Alberto Ortiz, Leonardo Méndez Mojica, Eddy Manuel Álvarez Ramírez, Moreno and/or Niño, José Miguel Álvarez Ramírez, alias Bebé.

The victims Luis Miguel Jáquez Rodríguez and Elizabeth Almarante Pacheco disappeared at dawn on January 24 from their home, located on El Progreso street, in the La Guáyiga sector of the Pedro Brand municipality.

During their search, authorities followed up on a vehicle that had been used to transport the married couple.

After tracking the vehicle, the inspections revealed the place where the lifeless bodies of the couple were found.

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