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The main accused of killing a man in an accommodation in La Ramada is sent to Palmasola

The main accused of killing a man in an accommodation in La Ramada is sent to Palmasola

March 25, 2023, 10:29 AM

March 25, 2023, 10:29 AM

After noon this Friday, in a hearing on precautionary measures held at the Palace of Justice, the judge of the 2nd Criminal Court of Instruction determined that Henry Molina be sent to the Palmasola prison with preventive detention, accused of causing the death of his friend identified as Freddy Burgos Cuellar (44).

the violent murder was registered in a lodging in the area of ​​La Ramada on Saturday, March 11, when both shared alcoholic beverages, according to the preliminary investigations of the Public Ministry.

Daniel Ortuño, prosecutor assigned to the case, reported that during the hearing it was possible to demonstrate that Molina was the author of the actbefore the evidence presented by the Prosecutor’s Office and the statement of the alleged defendant, who entered into contradictions by assuring that Freddy lost his life due to a blow.

“Those extremes (that the defendant mentioned) were not considered by the judge,” said Ortuño.

The judge ordered that the subject be sent to the prison of Palmasola for a period of 180 dayswhile the investigations last, accused of the crime of murder.

According to the statement issued at the time by the victim’s wife, the man left his house that Saturday morning, stating that he had to do work in Montero and then he did not answer his cell phone.

It was the same accommodation staff that found the 44-year-old man lifeless and with a shattered skull. According to the forensic examination, Freddy Burgos lost his life as a result of mechanical asphyxia due to suffocation and polytrauma.

The victim left in the orphanage three children, ages 11, eight and two.

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