Grupo As Tapetes Contadores de Histórias celebrates 25 years in Rio

Grupo As Tapetes Contadores de Histórias celebrates 25 years in Rio

The Carioca group Os Tapetes Contadores de Histórias celebrates 25 years of art and life with free cultural performances in Rio. As in oriental tales, in which flying carpets carry magicians from one place to another, the group takes the spectator into the world of imagination through theater.Grupo As Tapetes Contadores de Histórias celebrates 25 years in Rio

The technique of telling stories with fabric resources to form scenarios and characters is old and recurrent in different cultures, such as gabbehs iranians, harpillery Andean, quilts from the North American colonial tradition and straw and cloth banners from the Brazilian Northeast.

the beginning of celebration anniversary will be at the Museu de Arte do Rio (MAR), with the show Birthday gift, today (25), at 2 pm, as part of the program for the Children at MAR Festival (Rio Art Museum). There are tales from around the world that deal with the importance of birthdays and friendship, through a parchment, a poncho, a large party cake and a house that turns into a rug. In the story, three picturesque wanderers seek to find the ideal place and the right children to provide them with a birthday party.

CCBB will have a miniseason

The Banco do Brasil Cultural Center (CCBB) will host the mini-season of the Circuit Carpet Counters 25 yearsthe same place where the group debuted, in 1998. Sunday of the month Of aprilstarting on the 9th, the public will be able to check out four different shows: Sun, rain and carpet presents classic tales narrated with the group’s traditional collection, created in its origins in France; fits in the suitcase presents suitcase, apron, tissue boxes to illuminate works of world and national literature; walking words shares the collection of panels made in partnership with the Peruvian project Manos que Cuentan; It is Tell a story, win an applause shares original fabric illustrations made for Brazilian stories, such as the Congada de São Benedito in Uberlândia.

The Storytelling Rugs

With a differentiated artistic proposal, which is an international reference in the art of storytelling and creation of textile scenarios, the group, formed by Warley Goulart, Cadu Cinelli, Rosana Reátegui, Edison Mego and Andrea Pinheiro, sew and narrate stories with rugs, panels, bags, aprons, clothes, boxes and cloth books, a technique learned from the theater director, storyteller and French craftsman Tarak Hamman, in a seminar, in 1998, at the Federal University of the State of Rio of January (UNIRIO), where they were theater students.

The technique was developed by the French pedagogue Clotide Hamman in partnership with her son Tarak, who created the project more than 15 years ago. Raconte-Tapis that is supported by several handmade rugs that are used in storytelling and to encourage reading in France. The idea came up when Clotilde decided to make a rag patchwork rug as the setting for her grandson’s favorite story.

The full season schedule can be consulted at page from Instagram of the group Tapetes Contadores de História – Circuito Tapetes Contadores 25 years.


March 25 (Sat, 2 p.m.). Show: Birthday gift


Season: 9 to April 30, 2023 at dSundays at 3pm.

9 april – Sun, Rain and Rug

April 16 – fits in the suitcase

April 23 – walking words

30 april – Tell a Cause, Win an Applause

Classification is free, suitable for children over 3 years old, lasting 45 minutes.

Entry is free. Pick up your ticket at the ticket office or at the site.

*Intern under the supervision of Akemi Nitahara

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