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The LGBT community demands to ban conversion therapies

Carolina Gomez Mena

Newspaper La Jornada
Friday June 17, 2022, p. 10

On the eve of the 44th LGBT Pride March, Iván Tagle, director of the organization Yaaj México, told the day, that the main demands of the group will be the approval of social security initiatives for same-sex couples and the proposal to ban conversion therapies throughout the country. Likewise, he said that actions will be required to stop the shortage of antiretroviral drugs in some hospitals.

He explained that the mobilization is expected to exceed the magnitude of the pre-pandemic marches.

“Last year, officially the capital government and the committees did not come out, however, the citizens and the organizations went out to drink streets. There was no pavilion, the Zócalo was not lent, but it was a fairly large march”, as he recalled that there were still many restrictions due to covid-19, but “this is the first time – in the context of a pandemic – that the government says let’s go to give the permissions and the facilities so that they can position the messages, and now we expect many more people. It will be a day of pride, protest and resistance.”

On the Facebook page of the 44th LGBT Pride March, it is specified that after two years of pandemic, we will return to the streets on June 25. It will leave at noon, from the Angel of Independence to the Zócalo.

Those who cannot attend will have the option to follow the broadcast on Facebook and the Marcha LGBT CDMX YouTube channel. The call is for equality and respect in diversity.

Since 2018, an initiative has been presented in the Senate to ban conversion therapy and corrective violations. There is a large majority that already wants to vote for this initiative. It has already been given the go-ahead in commissions, but it has been removed three times from the agenda full on.

Tagle said that not everything will be a party, too we are going to make demands, challenges and problems visible. And it is that not only that issue is stuck, but also the proposal to guarantee social security for LGBT people. We won the marriage, but in name, not in rights, I cannot give my partner social security.

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