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The lessons of the internal elections

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The lessons of the internal elections

The results of the elections are always topics of debate, and more so for political scientists, who are dedicated to scientifically and exhaustively analyzing these elections, which left many lessons to improve the quality of our representatives. As pending matter we have the civic culture, which is very dormant in Paraguay.

The simultaneous internal elections showed once again that the structure and economic resources continue to weigh heavily. Electoral reform, such as the use of electronic ballot boxes and preferential voting, were a novelty for voters, who had many options to choose from, however, some people had problems using the voting machines and took a long time to vote. .

A big problem was the lack of training for the use of electronic ballot boxes, because many citizens got lost, they did not know how to use them. This fact produced a long line of people who were waiting. Some got tired of waiting and went home without voting.

Our democracy is incipient, it is only 33 years old, but we are far from strengthening and consolidating it, because history repeats itself in each election, candidates with financial resources and structure win. Then the quality of democracy is altered.

In Political Theory, the decision of the popular will is applauded and its relevance is highlighted, but many voters did not participate in the elections, the level of participation in internal elections continues to be low, and therefore this translates into low democratic quality and representatives .

The civic culture must be strengthened, in order to have empowered citizens with criteria when it comes to voting. In addition, with it it will be possible to sweep inhuman and corrupt politicians from the spheres of power, who are only there to defend their privileges, forgetting the needs of their people. We need to modernize democracy and also that all citizens get involved with it to take Paraguay to a place with opportunities for everyone.

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