The least voted presidential candidates in the history of Colombia

The least voted presidential candidates in the history of Colombia

This Sunday, May 29, the presidential elections were held in Colombia, in which Colombians went to the polls to elect the president who will be in the period 2022-2026.

According to the electoral census published by the National Registry of Civil Status, 39,002,239 people were authorized to exercise their right to vote in the country; 20.1 million are women and 18.8 million men. For these elections, 21,375,575 people voted, which means that abstentionism was 46%.

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Of the total number of voters, as is well known, the candidates Gustavo Petro for him Historical Pact with 8,520,444 votes (40.34%) and Rodolfo Hernandez, with 5,950,301 (28.17%), who gathered the vast majority of votes.

On the other side of the scale are those candidates who received very few votes, even though they had withdrawn their candidacy. Yongrid Betancourt, former candidate of the Green Oxygen party, obtained 14,872 votes with 0.07%; Y Luis Perez, of Colombia Think Big, had 12,423 votes with 0.05%.

In the case of Pérez, the low percentage of votes he had places him among the candidates with the lowest percentage of votes in the history of Colombia since the 1990 elections.

The least voted candidates in history

The ranking is headed Jairo Hugo Rodriguez Leoncandidate for the Encuentro 88 Movement, which in the 1990 elections obtained less than 1,000 votes, that is, 0.01% of the total.

In second place of the least voted is Jesus Garcia, who participated in those same elections for the Love for Colombia Movement, obtaining nearly 2,500 votes, which represented 0.03% of the total.

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In third place is Luis Perez, with 0.05% of the total votes in the current elections, which were just over 12 thousand votes. After the governor of Antioquia and also with a percentage of 0.051% is Efrain Torreswho participated in the 1994 elections for the no war movement, with which he obtained 2,637.

The ladder closes it Rudolph Rincon of the Common Participation movement, which in the 2002 elections obtained 0.06% of the total votes, that is, 6,311.

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