The leading metaverse company The Sandbox acquired the Uruguayan technology firm Cualit

One of the objectives of Martín and Federico Pérez was to create quality immersive experiences. For it They have been working for a decade at Cualit, a Uruguayan technology company that the brothers co-founded and grew through the bootstrap model – without raising capital, reinvesting their profits. “Having now reached the mecca in the metaverse industry at a global level leaves us very happy, especially for the road and for having achieved it,” says Martín Pérez with the satisfaction that follows from the officialization of the sale of Cualit to The Sandbox.

Today, The Canadian firm introduces retail brands such as Gucci and Adidas into the metaverse, in the entertainment industry it works with benchmarks such as Snoop Dog and in video games with first-rate development brands such as Ubisoft.

Uruguay is the second country in the region in which the company specialized in metaverse lands. For the founders of Cualit, Uruguay represents a significant part of technology at a global level and the acquisition positions it “as a regional technology hub for Sandbox.”

The Uruguayan firm, which today has 100 employees, will have 150 at the end of the year and expects this growth to deepen in the following years.

Although the amount of the purchase is confidential, the founders asserted that the entire Cualit team will now continue in The Sandbox Uruguay. “This leaves us very happy, apart from that we are very compatible,” says Federico Pérez and assures that they hope to add collaborators both in the face-to-face and virtual modalities for the new operation.

Federico and Martín Pérez, founders of Cualit and now referents of The Sandbox Uruguay

The vertiginous development that they project under the wing of The Sandbox is based on the foundations that the local technology company built throughout its history.

Since its inception, the local company focused on several different business units, including video games where they were already working on virtual reality and augmented reality. “We were partners of Oculus, Facebook – now Meta -, and we found with The Sandbox the ideal partner that was growing along with us,” Martín Pérez tells El Observador.

The relationship started small. First, two Cualit employees began working for the giant of the metaverse, then there were five and later ten. “Each time the industry and they began to demand more,” says Martín Pérez about his work in certain areas of the Sandbox metaverse and Federico adds that the Canadian firm was adding more and more responsibilities to them. Both stressed that with their good team they were able to meet expectations and exceed them. In fact, the company gave them the ability to make decisions about where to take the product.

Looking to the future The direction of the business of The Sandbox Uruguay will be exclusively focused on web 3.0, metaverse and blockchain. “That is the focus of The Sandbox Uruguay, we work to make Sandbox the leader in the metaverse at a global level”, indicates Martín Pérez.

From Maldonado to the world

“We are a company that sought to decentralize technology in Uruguay. Unlike 99% of the rest of the companies, we came to Maldonado, to the interior, and we always work to be in the first level from our home, which is Maldonado, Punta del Este. ”, assures Martín Pérez.

“Now Sandbox is the leader in the metaverse globally. The growth we had together in this last year was incredible for both parties,” defines the executive.

Being acquired by a company of the caliber of Sandbox was not an objective for Cualit, but rather it happened “naturally with the ideal partner”, remarks Martín and points out: “Many of our values ​​are shared, the moment and the acquisition from them.

Among the purposes of The Sandbox Uruguay is to offer “innovation possibilities for all people and that all creators can create experiences and truly own their experiences in the industry and monetize it.” In this sense, the co-founders and the team that accompanies them work every day to make Sandbox “the most open, accessible and interoperable metaverse of all. It is what we are looking for, that any creator can make the experience of him in the game and can monetize it ”.

The future of the metaverse

“The metaverse is a huge industry that is earning more and more and has a value between US$8 and US$12 trillion depending on different sources,” says Martín Pérez. The businessman assures that the new generations have no doubt that they will be working in the metaverse in the next two years.

“On an industry level, it is undeniable that (the metaverse) is going to change the way we work and the way the internet used to operate. It is very evident and we are very happy to be working and being pioneers in the industry”, remarks the businessman.

In the same line, the brothers agree that Uruguay has great “tech talent” and Martín Pérez remarks that, with this acquisition, “the country is positioned as a benchmark in the metaverse industry at a regional level and why not globally”.

From The Sandbox

“Web3 technology is rapidly evolving and we believe that The Sandbox Uruguay will help us incorporate millions of users through its experience in web design and user flow”, says Arthur Madrid, CEO and Co-Founder of The Sandbox.

In the same vein, he added that “Uruguay is a fantastic place to invest in technology” and assured that there is a new generation of developers who “want to rethink the way we are using and owning our data through the open metaverse.”

Work at The Sandbox Uruguay

That the talents accompany the growth is fundamental for the referents of The Sandbox Uruguay. In the operation, it will be possible to work from Punta del Este, from the offices in Montevideo, in hybrid mode or completely remotely from anywhere in Uruguay, depending on the candidate. You can apply through the careers section in the Web from The Sandbox.

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