Metro passengers were evacuated due to smoke

Metro passengers were evacuated due to smoke

This Thursday morning panic was felt in one of the wagons of the Meter of Santo Domingo after a part of it presented a smoke during his stop at Casandra Damiron Station.

According to information provided to Diario Libre, the people were evacuated around 6:50 in the morning. People “were very scared” since it happened at a “rush hour” and the number of people who board it is much higher.

He indicated that this situation lasted approximately two minutes and that they proceeded to let the users out.

According to a statement from the Office for the Reorganization of Transport (Opret), the smoke was due to a breakdown in one of its cars, so it was transferred to the Centro de los Héroes station for inspection purposes.

The institution stated that the incident did not present a danger to any of the users. “For this reason, the service continues to be offered normally.”

Less than a month ago, several users of this means of mass transportation reported the same situation that caused a delay of about 30 minutes in the installations of this service.

Dominican journalist, graduated from the Technological University of Santiago (UTESA).

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