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The investigations begin by the Buenos Aires anti-union judicial table of Vidal

They enabled the fair for the investigation of the Vidal judicial table

María Eugenia Vidal and her former Labor Minister Marcelo Villegas, who appears in a video saying: “If I could have a Gestapo, an onslaught force to end all unions, I would do it” (File Photo)

The federal judge of La Plata, Ernesto Kreplak, will begin this Thursday to take an investigative statement from the businessmen, former Buenos Aires officials and ex-spies defendants participate in 2017 in the armed with causes aimed at harming the La Plata section of the Construction Workers’ Union (Uocra) and its then head, Juan Pablo “Pata” Medina.

The round of inquiries will begin at 10:30, with businessman Ricardo José Alconada Magliano, president of the construction company OCSA SAaccording to what emerges from the judicial resolution to which Télam agreed.

Alconada Magliano is one of the businessmen who participated in the meeting held on June 15, 2017 at the Buenos Aires headquarters Bank province (Bapro), where former officials of the government of Maria Eugenia Vidal and former directors of the Federal Intelligence Agency (IPA) instructed them on what kind of presentations and strategic movements they should make to achieve the imprisonment of “Pata” Medina.

The case began after the current comptroller of the AFI, Cristina Caamaño, will presentbefore the Justicea video -supposedly found among the digital records of that body- in which former Vidal officials and directors of the AFI could be seen instructing construction businessmen to advance against Medina and other union leaders.

The defendants are accused of having participated in a strategy aimed at harm to the union leaderof the Uocra de La Plata, its environment and the then management of the sectional of the Buenos Aires capital, for which they resorted to illegal intelligence maneuvers and the actions of Justice were manipulated, as Télam was able to reconstruct from judicial sources with access to the file.

“Believe me that if I could have, and I am going to deny this to you anywhere, if i could have a gestapoa ramming force to end all guilds, i would“, he was heard saying to the then Minister of Labor of Buenos Aires Marcelo Villegas in that meeting that took place on June 15, 2017 at the Buenos Aires headquarters of Banco Provincia (Bapro).

BONAERENSE JUDICIAL TABLE: the investigations begin of businessmen, former Buenos Aires officials and former spies of the government of María Eugenia Vidal (photo capture video)

At that table were, among others, the former legal director of the AFI Juan Sebastian De Stefano; He then bosscounterintelligence of the Diego Dalmau Pereyra organization and the former chief of staff of the spy center Dario Biorci.

researchers they already managed to try that after that meeting held in the Multipurpose Room (SUM) on the seventh floor of the Bapro headquarters located near Plaza de Mayo, the accused businessmen made presentations to the Minister of Labor of the province of Buenos Aires, who later appeared before the federal justice of Quilmes.

Then he federal judge of Quilmes, Luis Armella, began a judicial investigation for alleged illicit association against Pata Medina based on an anonymous complaint referring to events that allegedly occurred in La Plata.

The magistrate advanced in the investigation despite the fact that the prosecutor’s office, at that time, believed that the complaint should be processed before the federal justice of La Plata and not in Quilmes, which could also be the subject of investigation in this file in which now Pata Medina is the plaintiff for the alleged illegal construction of cases against him.

The round of fact-finding summoned by Judge Kreplak also reaches former Minister Villegas (March 14), the former head of the provincial portfolio of Justice Adrián Grassi (March 17), the provincial senator of Juan Pablo Allan (March 21) and the mayor of La Plata , Julio Garro (March 23).

Marcelo Villegas Minister of Labor of the Buenos Aires government of Vidal who wanted a Gestapo to finish with the trade unionists.

The round of inquiries closes with the former directors of the AFI: Darío Biorci (former brother-in-law of the deputy director of the spy center, Silvia Majdalani) is summoned for March 25, while De Stéfano is summoned for the 29th and Dalmau Pereyra for the 31.

The appearance of the video that started this cause had on Wednesday its first consequence at the judicial level: the Federal Oral Court 2 of La Plata suspended the beginning of the oral trial of “Pata” Medina in the case that is investigating him for illicit association and money laundering, which was scheduled for tomorrow, to analyze the claims of annulment made by the unionist’s defense.

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